Erro Mesh Wifi and network tablo remote access

I have erro 6 pro mesh wifi network. I do not see the tablo listed so that i can port forward for remote access. Is this possible with my setup?

Did you look at the directions here?
You will need to lookup the MAC address usually printed on the bottom of the Tablo and map it to a reserved IP addresses so you can properly port forward. You will need to map the ports below to the reserved IP addresses.

  • Public Port 21010 > Private Port 80
  • Public Port 21011 > Private Port 8887

Just went thru an EERO setup when Frontier upgraded my service. The EERO is designed to be a wifi router, and only has 1 jack for other internet devices. The Tech set it up to use the existing Frontier router as a secondary access point, without wifi. He also left DCHP turned on on the second (original) router, so that the network did not need to be reconfigured. It also left us with a “double - NAT” situation. Anything plugged into the original router had an IP address of, while wifi connected devices were configured to The Tablo behaved fine “in the house” as he reset the subnet mask to include the new address range.

The simple solution was to replace the older router with an inexpensive ($12) ethernet switch, and plug my hardwired connections into the switch. Double-NAT condition was removed and rebooting the Tablo resulted in remote access.

The EERO routers are great, but I recommend that my friends who have been so upgraded also get a switch. They are inexpensive and require no setup beyond moving the wires from the old router to the switch. Literally a 5 minute job.