Equipment compatability cocerns

How long does it take to download the TV guide after running the channel scan? I have the quad with only 128G of memory. And a Samsung smart TV. I can not find the tablo unit in devices on the TV. Is something not compatible? Or am I just not techie smart enough?

Did you download the Tablo app from the Samsung store?

No, I got it from the APP store. From my Mac. Then Had to get Tablo support involved to get it set up. we had to hard wire the Table to get it to recognize wifi. then ran the channel search. It went OK. That is when all came apart. I have since switched my antenna back to the TV.

There is no Tablo app on the Mac app store. On a Mac, you use Safari or another browser.

What is the model number of your Samsung TV? Also, what country are you in?

There may not be a Tablo app in your App Store on the Samsung TV. See link below.

“Tablo supports some of the following Smart TV brands and styles:

  • Select Samsung Smart TVs running the TIZEN OS (US only)”

all their information says to remove the hard wire to get it’s wifi active? tablo support can connect wifi while it’s connected via ethernet?

Yes, they did for me. But it turns out my TV does not recognize the Tablo App. It is to new. They only go to the 2018 models. This is from Samsung.

The thread I linked says Samsung in the US supports 2018 and 2019 models, no luck for 2020 or newer models.

You’ll need another device such as a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

I have a 2020. My Samsung support person said that if the APP search does not yield any results for Tablo, then it is not supported. I am going to try using Roku Premier with Tablo. My son-in-law will help.

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