EPG Trial

I set up my Tablo five days ago, and have yet to receive any epg data. When I go into settings, it shows that my trial is five days old, but still no guide info beyond 24 hours. Did I miss setting something up.

@jurassicjockey - There is only 24 hours in the grid guide. The remaining data is within the other screens like PrimeTime and TV Shows.

aaahhh. Ok thanks

No problem! You’re not the only one who’s asked… We should maybe consider adding a message at the end of the 24 hours in the grid guide :) 

@TabloTV OR… Just load the next 24 hours :wink:

@tablosupport Please find out if it’s possible for your programming guide provider to update their CBS lineups more frequently.  They are the only station we have a problem with show times changing.  Two weeks in a row Madam Secretary on Sundays at 7:00 started 30 minutes late and then 15 minutes late.  The first recorded part is the previous show 60 Minutes. And this isn’t the first time. But having to watch at CBS.com is a horrible viewer experience…plus their player is sketchy at best.  Thanks for any help.

@mullermj …  Wasn’t the NCAA tourney on those Sundays?  If so, those shows might have been bumped back due to live shows running over.  No sub service can adjust for those sorts of last minute changes.

Tablo really needs ability to add time to the end of a recording.  No small request but if DISH can do it and manage the potential conflicts (somewhat), so can Tablo.

It would be FANTASTIC if the EPG provider can figure out how long the delay is after a live sporting event and then all the recording times be adjusted automatically.  This will get worse during football season.  Even if the guide data was updated, then the new guide will need to be downloaded to the Tablo.  Maybe an option on the Tablo to change all start times by so many minutes that we can enter manually after the live sporting event is over.  Somewhere along the line the schedule gets back to normal, most likely be eliminating commercials and infomercials.

@vegassteve Well duh…didn’t even put the two together. Just realizing other CBS shows recorded those Sundays were also late starting. Thanks for pointing that out. But @beastman has the right idea!