Epg - please help

17-5 and 17-6 EPG in Austin, TX has been correct until recently. I just noticed TONIGHT that they both say “Sera Anunciado”, which when I looked up on google is Spanish for TBA. 17-5 is still RTVE (RetroTV) and 17-6 is still REVN. @TabloTV do I need to create a ticket for this or can you look into it? I also emailed the contact at the company that leases the sattlelight space. I don’t know if they recently sold the satlelight or what caused it to change. For whatever reason, TitanTV still is correct, however the WHAT’S ON Roku Channel says TBA, so I assume the problem is all EPG data, with the exception of TitanTV. Oh, how I wish they would have been picked when TabloTV first started. I know it is to late to change (or can you?)

Until the EPG is cleared up, why don’t you try an adjacent zip code to see if it’s EPG is correct?

I know that they were thinking of shutting down the sattlelight or selling it. It might have happened. Changing the zip code won’t fix the problem. Also 17-4 shows data for MCBN and they have NOT been on the air for a LONG time. I don’t know why it didn’t drop off. The selling channel and Spanish channel kept their schedule. Only the English channels now say TBA (in Spanish). Maybe the new owners intend to put yet more Spanish stations on. If they do, they will lose me.

In my email to the company that owns the satlelight I mentioned METV, which I watched in San Antonio and learned that starting Jan 1 they will have reruns of Johnny Carson…might help them to show value for carrying METV. Emergency already airs on AntennaTV, which is other info I mentioned. I’ll help to suggest networks I want and watch when I visit SA.

Just opened ticket. Will not respond to it until support sends me message. I don’t want to go to the bottom. Will they be back Monday or Tuesday?

Tablo Support will only be working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

What is Monday? I’m only working Monday and Tuesday this week.

I would assume it is to celebrate Boxing Day. Since they worked Christmas Eve, the Tablo folks get two days off for vacation, Friday and today.

Sounds good to me…forgot about Boxing Day but knew about it from a MASH episode

I haven’t had any guide data on RTVE in a few weeks. All it says is “To be announced”. Seems to be playing all the same programming that it always has. Edit: WAS playing all the same programming. Now I’m just getting a black screen.

Hi guys - Please do place tickets so we can touch base with our guide provider about this.

I JUST checked mine and I still have a show from Retro TV but says TBA (in Spanish )

I opened ticket yesterday. Still no email from company I emailed (in addition to Tablotv ticket)

Ticket submitted. Thanks.

Still have RTVE programming this morning and schedule still TBA.

I have black screen on MCBN 17-4.

Zip code 78758

@TabloTV any update on this before you’re closed again for the New Year holiday?

http://www.myretrotv.com/news/luken-and-mako-sign-major-affiliation-deal MIGHT explain part of what is going on

We’ve placed tickets but nothing seems to be happening. ALL guide providers I have checked are wrong, with the exception of TitanTV. @Tablotv How does TitanTV get the correct data yet no one else does?

Any chance to add a manual recording that repeats, at least for those with the program guide? Shows repeat and with guide data missing, manual record is the only option.

@beastman - You can set a repeating manual recording. Just chose ‘repeating’ vs. ‘just once’.

So you can, but then you don’t know which show is what with multiple manual recordings. I sent a comment to RetroTV and hope they fix it soon.