Entire hard disk content LOST

This is the third time I have run into this problem in my 15 months of Tablo ownership:

When I select "Recordings, all of my content is missing.

Regardless of which player I attempt to use, Roku, Nexus, iPhone, or iPad, my Tablo is empty.

Running the Tablo Ripper program from my Windows PC also shows no recordings.

Looking at the hard disk under “Settings” shows the disc is if it were freshly formatted. It was previously about half full, about 500 GB used out of one terabyte.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Could it be overheating problem? Have you checked your Tablo and hard drive temperature?

The only time this ever happened to me was when I knocked the external hard drive while it was recording over onto itself rather forcefully by accident… totally destroyed the drive.

I would open a Support Ticket to have Tablo Support immediately look at your logs to see why this happened.

21 months of Tablo owernship here, and I have never encountered this issue with the same HDD in service. I still have the 2014 World Cup recorded on the HDD.

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@RetiredEngineer Give us a shout ASAP. We can check the logs and see what happened.


Thank you!

It could be a bad hard drive, or one with some bad sectors.

Any update on this? What did TS have to say about it?

We haven’t heard from @RetiredEngineer yet - unless you sent a note under a different address? We want to check this out ASAP so the logs don’t expire.

Thanks for your assistance. I have been away from home / Tablos and my lost files issue showed up when viewing / accessing remotely from Florida.

Unlike last winter when my Tablo could not connect, this winter both of my Tablos connect perfectly
day after day but one of my two Tablos has lost its files. It has been recording new shows fine, so the “lost files” event was like a disk reformat / deletion of all recordings but correct retention of Scheduled recordings, Settings, etc.

I will be physically able to see and access the affected Tablo when I return to Buffalo in late February but have no immediate physical access nor do I have daytime availability to email / trouble-shoot this until then.

Thanks again,

Definitely possible. Although I am nowhere near the Tablos I recall the drives being turned on and spinning every time I look whereas my identical Western Digital Elements 1TB drive plugged into my TP-Link C9 router as a network accessible shared NAS drive never spins up unless I actually do an FTP / access content. Now wondering if the Tablo uses the power management as these drives are hardly 24/7 enterprise rated.

Thanks for the suggestion and will put a new drive in when I return north just to avoid another corruption / file issue.

Went to watch a recording on my tablo quad and it shows about half the space used but says no recordings. Rebooting did not help, Any ideas?