Enhancement requests

My apologies if this has been mentioned, but I didn’t see anything recently posted.

I’m a long time DVR user from the RePlayTV 2020 days of the early 2000’s.

One of the features I really liked was not only searching (which isn’t really possible in the Tablo other than visually looking at the list) is searching by specific criteria.

For instance:
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Talk Show, Game Show, Noir, etc etc. This would help significantly in looking for something you’re in the mood for. You have it broken down by TV, Movie and sports. Just needs more.

Along with this, an auto-record ability if a “hit” comes up. For instance, record anything with “John Cleese”.

Another feature I’d REALLY like to see is something that would help me align my antenna. Something that would show me on screen just how strong a signal is depending on the antenna orientation and show me how good or bad it is as I move the aerial around. I’ve seen this on some TV’s and think it’d be a great help to get the best out of my Tablo.

Both of these are popular requests!

I don’t have an ETA for either, but definitely great ideas.

Do you have a list of forth coming enhancements? Some of these have been long coming.

@Ursan - We don’t publish our roadmap.

That’s a shame, it’d be nice to know what to expect and when.

And that’s exactly what our competitors would say :slight_smile: