ENGINE - Webapp Recordings

@TabloSupport I was looking at the recordings tab in the web app for the Engine and noticed that it was showing my Tablo 4-tuner instead of what is listed the the Shield app. Here is an example of both screen captures.



I haven’t tried to clean out any caches and wanted to see if you had any thoughts before trying anything. I’ll paste a screen capture from the Engine app in a second post.


Here is a screenshot of the app on the Shield. I’m still running the Beta app (v 1.02) if that makes any difference.

Also uploaded logs.

The web app will allow you to connect to both your 4-Tuner and your ENGINE Tablo instances.

What you’ll need to do to switch between them is go to the menu and disconnect, then connect to the instance of the Tablo you want to check out.

Since you’ve got more than 1 now (the 4-Tuner and ENGINE) it’s probably best to label them as such within your settings screen.

That being said, the web app for Tablo ENGINE will have a few orange style elements vs. the blue and black style elements when you’re connected to a hardware DVR.

Does that make sense?

Believe so. I’ll try to disconnect and reconnect as mentioned. If something still does not look correct, I’ll let you know.


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Disconnecting and reconnecting to the same device fixed my issue. Must have gotten crossed at some point. Thanks for the help.

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