Engine updates anymore?

Are there any plans to update Engine w/ new features or at the very least bug fixes ? Its been on the same version for over a year now and seems like its been said updates are coming soon throughout the last year but it looks like we’ve been stuck on v1.0.2 for quite a while now. Honestly this seemed like a high priority product when it came out but seems like maybe its dropped down to the bottom of the list. I really want to like Engine but some of the issues it has is pushing us more and more likely to use Plex Live TV as that has been improved on pretty regularly .

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still nothing??

I guess by the silence and tumble weeds you got your answer.

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unfortunately it seems that way yup! just disappointing to have a product promoted so much and has so much potential and then just ignore it for a year

Sorry for the quiet…

We did have plans to do some significant ENGINE updates in August, but they’ve been delayed by a couple of other priorities. This is still one of the top 3 ‘to-do’ items for our Android team but I can appreciate your impatience.

Thanks for hanging on!

thank you for the input here. again, this is a really great product and has a ton of potential so hoping the next update takes care of some of the bugs in the current version

as it stands now, is there an approximate ETA when the big update might happen? or is it possible to share what might be coming in the next update?

I don’t have anything concrete, but I know that there are some fixes for the original and Preview apps for the Fire TV that are needed and that ENGINE updates are the third priority at the moment. Whether that will change is hard to tell but everyone is anxious to get back to ENGINE.

I do know there’s fixes to be done on the ENGINE side but in terms of features I’m not sure what’s on deck. Hopefully we’ll know more in the coming weeks.

ok thanks! as far as features really the only big thing that i’d see as missing right now (and for that i mean ones that my wife/kids complain about) is not having the ability to search for a program to set it to record IN engine

other than that its just the bugs that need fixing in the app (app locking up, giving errors if its open too long, having to go out /in /out/in everytime you go into it for the night, etc so hopefully those are on the list

thanks for the update


hahaha! thats cool Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
miles smith

its been another 3 months and still nothing?


Testing for the ENGINE update has now started. If anyone wants to get early access, just drop me a direct message and we’ll get you hooked up!