Engine: shuts down drive after 5 hrs message

I cannot remember the exact message but at least once every few days / once per week we will be watching live tv and the live stream will just stop saying that live tv is stopped after 5 hrs to save your hard drive. We need to go to switch to a different live channel, then go back again to the original and then we’re ok again but we lose that time in between. So far I have not notice any issues with it recording content due to this but live tv it seems to happen. We actually only watch live tv for about 1/2 hr every day so curious if anyone else has run into this

Hey Andy -

This message is displayed anytime the Live TV video file is removed from disk - for any reason.

In practice, we assume this happens because the stream was killed (at the 5 hour mark), or the tuner was pre-empted.

However, it is possible there’s an issue with your drive.

For example, if the drive disconnected, then reconnected within a short time-frame, the app might see the file ‘disappear’ and assume it happened because of tuner pre-emption.

As ENGINE continues to evolve, we plan to add more robust error logging and messaging so that we can provide more accurate feedback to the end user - ie. you.

cool thank you. I actually have an additional drive i can test this with. The temp disconnecting idea maybe is something since it’s not something that happens TOO consistently or predictably. I’ll give that a whirl

Sometimes it’s as simple as swapping the USB connector vs. the drive as a whole.