Engine App search capability?

Has there been any word when the Engine app will get search capabilities directly in the app? i know you can do that from the android/ios/web app but the rest of the family is starting to complain about not being able to do it directly on the tv like our old Tivo (and old school tablo) had the option for. I know in the fall it was still a newer product but its getting on in time so hoping some of those standard features are coming soon

Hey Andy -

This is really a matter of the API that ENGINE is running on.

Most Tablo clients today run on our WAMP API which syncs all of the data locally. That means all of the guide data is available all the time which means that the app can search through its own local database in real-time.

ENGINE runs on our REST API (and so do Roku & Apple TV & the Tablo Preview app).

Because REST grabs the data as needed, it’s not quite as simple as plugging into a local database and looking for information.

We are just beginning work on adding search to the REST API, starting with Roku. However, once we get it nailed down on that platform it’ll be much easier to leverage that code for use across all REST clients including ENGINE.

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awesome thank you for the detailed explanation! that makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t imagine there’s any rough timeframes when it might be ready since you’re just getting started, hey?

I know there’s some critical people here (myself sometimes included) w/ some of the bugs but your products have a lot of potential and making great strides so i’m excited to see where they go. I know you’re a relatively young and smaller company compared to others so takes a little longer for larger advances but smaller companies a lot of time are the more innovative ones so thats exciting. The flip side of that is keeping the non techy and understanding members of the households patient with the annoying bugs so doing out best!

Sorry - no ETA yet!

There’s just too many ‘what ifs’ to make a guestimate.

We appreciate your patience, Andy!

A search would be nice. But also it would help to be able to jump the guide by alphabet letters. If I want to see X Y or Z it takes near 2 minutes (if all is working right) to get through the rest of the lettered shows to find a listing.

All is there but it must scroll every time it is looked at starting with “A”

@r_spicer - Search is definitely on the ‘to-do’ list! Stay tuned.

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