Endless Buffer, Tablo Not Found, Reset Button unresponsive

Tablo went to endless buffer with Greenbay about to tie the game. Tablo not found after hitting back button. Would not respond to reset button. Had to pull power cord to reset. What would cause this behavior?

Is it a 2 or 4 tuner? Is it in your opinion running “hot” if a 4 tuner?

How’s your power there? solid and reliable without spikes and dips?
Time to have Tablo support help you diagnose this - it’s amazing what they can do.
And I agree, love 'em or not (Greenbay) that’s a really rotten time to have troubles!

It is a 4 tuner. Does not really feel hot but that was my first thought. Never had problems with power in this house. In our previous house I had a desktop that would shut down with the slightest fluctuation in power. That desktop did not shutdown.

To be honest this is the first issue I have had with my Tablo but good grief Greenbay was 1 play from getting in Field Goal range. I missed that play and the field goal to tie. I was not even rooting for Greenbay and it still ticked me off!!

Believe me, I understand.  I wonder if they can access logs… it’s definitely, at least in my thinking, worth contacting them. If nothing else it helps them track any issues customers have I mean if we ALL had that happen but no one reported it, they’d never know, or if only a few reported it but many had issues - you get the drift. It’s informing them so just in case you aren’t the only one they can dig into it, and if you ARE, they still may be able to see what happened. I think they know more about how our Tablo devices are working than we realize. To me that’s a good thing. 

I will submit a ticket tonight when I get home. On the support page all I seen is Contact Support and a form pops up to fill out. Is that the same as submitting a ticket? I see no link to submit a ticket.

Yes, that form is all you need.

Thanks snowcat.

The unit is not really running hot in my opinion but it is inside the entertainment center with just the Tablo and HDD on a shelf by itself. I took some small self adhesive rubber feet I had and stacked them so they are about 1 inch high and stuck them to the bottom of Tablo so now there is 1 inch of space between the Tablo and the shelf.

If it is a heat problem I can also put in a cabinet fan. The Tablo is warm but nothing like described in the thread about hot 4 tuner units.

I run my Tablo vertical to help with head issues, if any.

I’ve got a squirrel cage fan with an air duct from an old notebook computer I’ve considered making a sort of acrylic stand and mounting the fan on it aimed at one end of the Tablo. It’s 12vdc so could easily run from a very small transformer. There are a lot of very quiet processor cooling devices or fans used on high-end video cards that could be used. I’ve also got a neat liquid cooled (passive, no fan) heat sink from a computer I’ve considered mounting onto an aluminum plate and setting the Tablo on that plate next to the heat sink, and use little rubber feet to hold it up about 1/4" for air circulation. Mine doesn’t run “hot” but cool is cool. 

Really sorry to hear hear that you missed the game, @roraniel. Feel free to PM your ticket number or the address you sent it from once you submit it (if you haven’t already).

Happened again last night at around 12:30. Wife went to bed and told me this morning. I turn on system this morning, Tablo not found, reset button unresponsive. Had to power cycle. Stating to get worried Tablo is a goner.

TabloSupport “occasional lock up is a behavior that we’ve narrowed down to the Tablo’s current kernel. Fortunately (as you’re likely aware), we’ve been working very hard on a new kernel - mainly to support bigger drives”.

I also sat the until on it’s side when it happened the second time as has been suggested in other threads and today this fan was delivered, so we will see if it heat related. Like I said before the unit does not really feel hot but it s in a TV console behind a glass door. I picked this fan because it was small and does not blur lights. What is up with almost every laptop fan having blue led lights?

It’s a pretty nice fan for $14


@roraniel  - Wow that thing look beastly, good luck I hope it helps!

Found an old piece of 1 inch by 1 inch in the garage. Cut a couple of small lengths and placed them under the unit.

@Sleeper It is really not as big as it looks. The Tatbo almost covers the whole fan area. Just a little of the round sticking showing which actually keeps air flowing around it and not just on it.

@zippy I tried that with 1 inch hard rubber standoff legs I had laying around. It locked up the second time with those on.

If it locks up during a key play during the Super Bowl I will probably drown it in the sink.

The tablo unit uses a passive heat sink. My tablo use to sit directly on a wooden shelve in a media center. So it was sitting directly on the shelves wooden surface. The shelve under the unit use to get pretty warm. After raising the unit by placing some 1x1’s  under the outer edges of unit the shelve is relatively cool. So it’s hard to see how that would lockup a unit.


For something as important as the Super Bowl I would directly connect your antenna to your HDTV tuner.

Plus video quality will be better for sure.

I was joking. I love the Tablo and one of the things I love most is I have not had to change the input since I got it.

The tablo unit uses a passive heat sink. My tablo use to sit directly on a wooden shelve in a media center. So it was sitting directly on the shelves wooden surface. The shelve under the unit use to get pretty warm. After raising the unit by placing some 1x1's  under the outer edges of unit the shelve is relatively cool. So it's hard to see how that would lockup a unit.

Not really. There’s not a lot of air that can enter and leave and worse, there’s no natural air flow - no draft or “thermo-siphone” of the air - no hot air rising and leaving. Both ends have openings at the bottom, air can go in and warm up but it can’t rise out. A good naturally aspirated cooling system has cool air entering low, warm air leaving near the top. You’d have to force air through these to get decent cooling. IMO, it’s a very bad case design for passive cooling of electronics. Even the heat sink - the aluminum plate - can’t get cooling air to it since it’s sitting against what is normally a wood shelf and wood has horrible heat transfer properties.

Aluminum, copper, brass, those are among the best (I have built cooling systems for things in the past). Wood is poor. But that aluminum is not able to cool sitting against wood on the bottom, and limited air flow at the top due to what i just said about the air vents being level with each other, no way to get a natural air flow going. You need to establish “draft”. Note that computer tower cases have openings at the top and bottom, cool air in low, warm air out high. 
It’s not how hot that plate, or your shelf it, it’s the localized heating of the processors or critical chips inside! The plate may not burn you, but how hot are any processors inside?

The Tablo was displaying live TV non stop from 11am to 11pm yesterday and did not lockup. It appears the cooling fan may have helped. I felt the top just prior to shutting everything down and it felt just lukewarm. I picked it up and felt the bottom and it felt about room temperature.

Not bad for $14