End of March. (Looks at Calendar again)

I feel like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck. Only a few days left. It’s late March. I keep checking the Quad page, waiting for “coming soon” to disappear.

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F5, F5, F5!

On a serious note, who do you think is going to have these in stock first?


I should have known :slight_smile:

Getting products into retail channels requires time, a significant amount of effort, and a generous dose of luck in the form of the blood of a Leprechaun.

We’re working on it…

Doesn’t it take 25-40 days for ocean transit from China to Canada. Plus transit time to the departure dock plus 5 days for customs and 5 days transit from the destination dock.

What’s really hard is finding enough qualified sailors to man the oars.

That part is done thankfully :slight_smile:

If you give me a few of them, I’ll sell a couple on ebay for you :wink:

You’re out of leprechaun blood?
I have some I can loan ya


Can you fix the SHIPFREE code to actually give free shipping?

It gives a discount of $13.50, but the only shipping option is “Ground (2 or more units)” for $18.75.

(updated) Closer… now it is $15.00 shipping, with a $13.50 discount.

Fixed ing now. Sorry! The discount was set to be calculated by weight and we didn’t take into account that the QUAD is heavier. Should be OK in a few minutes.

:+1: fixed and ordered!

Wow. I was just reading about how this will be available late March and contemplating whether I want the two channel or four. I come to this community for the first time ever and four minutes prior a Tablo person posts that it’s now for sale.

If this isn’t poetry and destiny, I don’t know what is.

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If you’re still pondering, this is a good overview of the benefits of a few extra tuners:

Do yourself a favor and get the 4-tuner (just get the Quad).