Encoding time issue?

Hi all. Question here about encoding. Hopefully someone can share some insight. I’ve posted before thinking I had a defective tuner because of what I’m experiencing.

Here’s the deal. I record a program. But it seems that if I try to watch that recording soon after it’s over, I get breakups and freezes and pixelating galore. This was what made me question the tuner.

Here’s where it gets bizarre. If I wait until perhaps the next morning, perfect playback!

This makes me wonder if there is processing time needed after recording stops.

My Tablo is connected to an outdoor antenna via an amplified 4 way splitter. I watch on my TVs via Roku devices.

Appreciate any info!

If you are using the internal memory, then your Tablo will transcode your recordings to save space and it’s possible that is causing your problems. See the following article from Tablo Support.

If you are using external storage, I’m not sure what could be causing your viewing problems.

What about when it creates thumbnails after a recording is completed?