Enable Leanback Mode Checkbox

What does the newly added checkbox “Enable leanback mode (TV interface) beta” do?

What happens when I enable the checkbox on my desktop web Tablo interface is the setting screen goes blue and my scrolling does not work. To get the menu I have to use the escape key and to move around within a page (ie: Settings) I have to use the arrow keys.

Leanback mode can be used on a computer but is probably intended for viewing Tablo on a regular TV and uses keyboard or remote control for navigation, ie not a mouse. The interface is essentially the same as Roku or Android app. It opens up the ability to use a PC or other device with a browser as a Tablo client which is a great feature.

@7up is correct. Leanback mode is intended for use with a remote control.

I turned it on out of curiosity, but now I don’t seem to be able to revert to the normal screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re using a computer use a keyboard to uncheck it under settings.

Seems kind of pointless, I can already use a remote control with Roku app that’s connected to my TV and it works the same way…?

@tokatlyan It’s not meant for a Roku. It’s meant for people with smart TV broswers or people who have HTPCs hooked up to their television.

Gotcha, thanks.

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My TV is not a SMART TV. I have my computer connected to my TV and use the Chrome browser to watch Tablo. I get the impression that leanback mode would allow me to control the tablo with a remote control so I would not have to sit right in front of the screen and keyboard to pause, fast forward or rewind the program I am watching on the Tablo. I know how to reprogram remote controls but don’t have any idea how I would get a remote control to work with my computer and leanback mode to control Tablo from a distance and can’t find any real information on this aspect of leanback mode in the online discussions of Tablo. Can anyone help or point me to some information that would get me started on the right path?

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I tried it and it acts like quite a few of the home theater apps do. Mouse is only partly used, most things work with keyboard arrow keys, spacebar, return and ESC keys. To be in anyway effective, you would need a wireless keyboard at minimum. But if you need wireless, why not use a wireless mouse as well? If you did that, the lean-back mode really is almost pointless, unless you prefer just a wireless keyboard for input.


Thanks Rodger. I have a wireless mouse but it can’t consistantly get a signal from 7 feet or more from the computer. My keyboard is wired. I could buy a wireless keyboard but would worry that it might have the same range issues as the mouse. The leanback mode seems to be designed to work with a remote control but I can’t find any information on how you would integrate a remote control with your computer or the Tablo software. It’s remarkable that Tablo offers this new setting but provides absolutely no information information on it.

I have used a number of wireless keyboards and mice on my living room HTPC over the years. The keyboard I like best is the Logitech K800. Mouse is an Microsoft Explorer 2.4 Ghz mouse. The keyboard reaches about 50 foot as does the mouse. With the mouse I am using a USB extender cable to get the receiver a bit more away from the computer. I velcro it to the top rear of our Entertainment Credenza so I get maximum range.


I know I’m resurrecting a dead thread but I would like to point out there are Bluetooth remote controls that emulate a keyboard for backward compatibility. It seems to me one of those remotes might work very well with “leanback” enabled.

@TabloTV Do you have any remote recommendations? I have one remote that does most functions very well during playback but isn’t quite right for navigating the menu.

Sorry, that’s not something we’ve spend a lot of time testing.

If anyone does, feel free to chime in!