Emergency special

Even if you record Emergency! It Tablo will NOT record Emergencies 50 year anniversary. “The show that saved your life”. This Saturday, August 13th on COZI TV 7:00/ 6:00 Central PM… unless you schedule it

Why, it’s a different show. “EMERGENCY!” vs “EMERGENCY! 50! THE SHOW THAT SAVED YOUR LIFE” look like to distinct shows.

The anniversary special isn’t part of the series. It’s not an episode. :neutral_face:

Thanks, did not know there was a special.

Quite a while back when I was recording M.A.S.H for my server they skipped the final episode in their normal line up. It was someone here that pointed out its genre was “special” in the guide. Not the normal “war” like all the episodes before it. I would have never noticed that. So it happens.

As automatic-set-and-forget as tablo can be, it’s the “other guy” you have to watch out for.

I try to make a point of baby-sitting the schedule weekly just to see if I can catch the little screwy things. Like the name changes for example. There are some shows listed twice due to different punctuation in the show title. Since it’s not actually listed as the same, it’s not scheduled. I don’t really expect tablo to compensate for foolishness.

Another example. In the beginning of 2021 MeTV started playing the old Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, etc. etc. etc. Saturday mornings. So I setup to record all that were in the schedule. I grew up with those cartoons in the 60’s and still love them today. Days later, as you said while “baby-sitting”, my scheduled cartoon recordings were all gone. They changed the way they were presenting them and the genre changed from (I think) “animated” to “entertainment”. While the new way was much better than how they had them setup originally, it did take a quick check to find the differences and reschedule.

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I also noticed at times MeTV had two different listing for Ed Sullivan (didn’t record, just noticed). I believe they did similar with other cartoons, Popeye and Pink Panther. Names/listing varied from time to time just enough to flub the schedule.

And if you want to catch Perry Mason on Sunday evenings, they’re in Movies… well, because they are movies.

I’ve seen this on various [sub] networks. Just how it goes I suppose.

We have a program called “Toon in with me” that shows a bunch of the old cartoons.