Effect of reducing number of tuners

Another concern i have is: What capabilties will i loose if i replace my four tuner tablo dvr with a dual lite tablo. Note: We do a fair amount of streaming & viewing recordings, but at the mostly on one tv. I have commercial skip & guide service. Will any of these be affected?

If you do a lot of recording that you lke to watch once the recording is done, it takes a tuner to produce the thumbnails. And CS processing doesn’t happen until the thumbnails are produced.

Bargie, I just ran into a problem this past Sunday. We’ve added a few shows to record over the past month or so. We really didn’t keep track on which channel, day or time the new shows were being broadcast. As it turns out, many are on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Since the NFL games on Sunday sometimes run longer than anticipated, we added an hour to the stop time for a couple of those programs. As result we have run into issues were there are no turners available for some of the shows. To avoid this, instead of recording 3 or more shows separately, we now setup a schedule only for the first show and add enough hours to the stop time to cover all 3 shows (plus an extra hour during football season in case the NFL games run longer). In this way we won’t run into the situation where we have no tuners available and still have a tuner available to watch shows already recorded shows on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.

If you are limited to two tuners and need to record shows simultaneously on two (or more channels) and/or wish to simulataneously watch a pre-recorded show, you will still run out of tuners on a dual chanel tablo.