Easy Delete and FF/RW

I really love the Tablo, just a few things I think would make the UI better (and the wife happier):

  • Automatically offer delete option when reaching the end of a recording. At this point, confirmation probably isn’t needed.

  • Fast Forward / Rewind Speeds:

    Current skip forward 30 seconds, go back 20 seconds only happens if playback is paused. If playback is going on, keep playback going and show tiles moving forward or backwards at -4x, -3x, -2x, 2x, 3x, 4x speeds depending on how many times left or right is pressed. Pressing play starts playback from the last frame shown (due to delay from seeing the frame shown to actually pressing the play button). This would significantly reduce the number of clicks required to skip commercials.

  • List/Detail view of all recorded shows categorized by show and ordered by air date.

Kudos to the development and engineering teams, you’ve made a great product!


What playback device are you using? Fire TV? Roku? Nexus Player?

Nexus Player and the Android app on my phone. I have a 1st generation Fire TV I will be testing soon.