Easiest way to use TABLO with a ROKU TV

I’m a retired Electrical Engineer and have previously used a legacy quad unit, lately switched to the 4th gen unit. All the usual typical problems are present, such as channel switching, failure to start, can’t seem to find the channels etc. Can’t even remember them all. No definitive answers from TABLO or on this forum. Even the most obvious things like the fact that their QCS channel switching overlay isn’t yet supported on the 4th gen units, something never mentioned unless you drag it out of them.
I’ve finally resorted to something others have done, as mentioned in this forum. Just use TABLO for recording (whenever you can get it to work) and don’t rely on it for live TV. If you have a reasonable antenna signal strength, feed it through a typical amplifier (cheap, readily available) into a splitter.
Use one splitter output for TABLO, the other for the ROKU antenna input. Then just use the LIVE TV icon for everyday live programs and stick to only using TABLO for recording/playback. While this does
require a coax cable from the splitter to the TV, it’s well worth it.