Early adopter here! Goodbye!

Hi everyone,

I bought my Tablo in 2014. I was excited about the possibilities it could bring; I was sure this would become a big deal and really stick it to the greedy cable and satellite companies with all the money I would save being a cordcutter.

Fast forward to today, 3 days before the end of 2016, and my Tablo is in my closet rarely used, in near mint condition, ready to put up on eBay. As it turned out, I have saved a lot of money by cutting the cord! But it was not Tablo that led the way. It was a far superior product, the HD Homerun.

HD Homerun just gets it. Simple, effective, able to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party software. When I paired it up with Kodi, that was the icing on the cake.

So, I bid Tablo and all of you in this community a fond farewell! And I encourage other cordcutters to do as I have and invest in the clearly superior product, the HD Homerun. Goodbye! Goodbye once again to all of you and ultimately, to Tablo, as I feel they will cease operations very, very soon.

Funny… I got an HD Homerun in my closet rarely used in near mint condition…

I am glad you found a solution that works for you… Bye and good travels with your solution!

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I don’t see any reason why that would happen. They appear to be doing quite well.


@snowcat @ericgus @Barbz

I also have a HDHomerun.
I also have it as KODI addon and integrated with PLEX… nice features but…

I keep it attached to my network, but could never get good enough reception that I get with my two 4 Tuner Tablos.

Swapped the HDHomerun with the Tablos using the same antenna setups, but the tuner seemed to be lacking.

Besides I need the 4 tuners to record multiple shows at once AND generate thumbnails…


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To each their own. I have never quite understood why people on the Internet seem to think their solution is the best and should be used by everyone. I have a Plex server and might try the HD Homerun option one day, but today I like having a simple appliance like Tablo…

You know who else likes their Tablo? My Brother and Sister who each have one and would never in a million years setup or maintain a Plex or Kodi server…

I’m glad you found a solution that works for you, but I have no idea why you felt a grand exit was necessary.


I understand and appreciate the OP’s perspective.

We were originally with SimpleTV whose demise was in large part related to lack of tech support, IMO. Tablo does a much better job in that regard. However no responses from Tablo Support on this forum in the last week reminds me very much of STV.

I get that everyone wants and deserves a vacation and time with their family. Tablo is a young company in a highly competitive space that currently is being run on “bankers’ hours”.

Hope all of you are right and it doesn’t portend a downward spiral for Tablo.

Glad you have found something that works well for you & saves you money.

But everyone has different needs & preferences when it comes to their entertainment systems. Tablo fills my needs nicely & in ways that your setup simply can’t.

I suspect TV viewing is in for big changes in the near future, and my needs & preferences might change. It is also possible that other products will hit the market that will meet my needs even better that Tablo, but for now Tablo is definitely the correct choice for me.


I’m really liking my Tablo too. A great whole house solution. From reading this forum it seems like the majority of the problems, and hence the dissatisfaction, is because of either a bad antenna signal or an inferior wifi router. I believe Tablo will be around for a long time, especially if they keep updating it, which will keep them abreast, if not ahead, of the competition.


Do you have a support issue that needs attention?

Same FireTV issue being reported by other customers.

According to a user report, support now says a software fix is coming in 1 to 2 weeks.

Maybe i’m simple but I think the holidays might be playing a part.


Your experience does not mirror most of us here. Suggestion declined. Good luck.

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Glad you found something you like. I had HD Home Run before Tablo. The HD Home Runs have long since been sold on EBay and very happy with Tablo. No one solution for everyone - nice that cord cutters have choices.

Sold two there myself!! Great minds and all that…:smile:

Replacing an HD HomeRun with the Tablo I just bought. Granted this HDHR was an older model, but I got tired of trying to get it to work.

Hoping my Tablo will make life easier for me in that regard.

I was one of the first to have a Logitech Google TV - an early STB. It was great for awhile but they stopped supporting it so we found less and less we could do. Got rid of it after collecting much dust.

Have been with Tablo for maybe 2 plus years. Still does the trick. They still seem to have a competitive product.

I am not bashing the OP, as this type of behavior happens on all kinds of forums. You can read about people who just bought a Canon posting on Nikon forums about their goodbye wishes, etc.

I really do not understand the impulse to do tell the world you are switching products. Unless you are a well known product reviewer and SME in the product category no one really cares.

There are plenty of great reviews of all these products on Cord Cutter News, YouTube and Grounded Reason, etc. I am sure folks can get all the information they need to find out what product may satisfy their particular use case.

So whatever…


I’ll give you a $1 for your Tablo.

American cash money?

Loved the HDMI passthru on the Logitech Google TV…Great concept with the Google TV overlay on live TV. Mine found its new home on ebay a long time ago too.

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