DVR recording in process, start watching, starts from live time?

Have a 4-tuner Tablo, using the latest version of the Apple TV Tablo app, no app updates available.

Lately when I go to watch a DVR recording that’s still recording, the viewing starts at the current live point rather than the beginning of the show. So we have to rewind the recording to the beginning. This is broken, never used to do this, the Tablo would always start viewing a new or “in-progress” recording from the start.

I suspect that this is a problem from the latest Apple TV Tablo app update, and is quite annoying. I’d like to try reverting to the previous version of the Tablo app, since that worked better…no problems with that one. Probably not possible, though.

Anyways, anyone else experiencing this with Apple TV? Any workarounds? Or is it a “wait until the next app update” sort of annoyance?

This has been discussed in the following thread:

Well, not sure why I didn’t find that when I searched before posting, thanks for pointing that thread out.

So it looks like us Apple TV’ers are just stuck until Tablo does one of their 2-month roll-outs of a fixed and tested app version. Too bad, but nice to see that Tablo knows about it and is at least working on it. Just reported it, so maybe they’ll try to speed things up when they realize how many of their customers are annoyed by this.

Hoping for a quick resolution, but I never see the new versions of anything that Tablo announces until a few weeks later. And this one hasn’t been announced yet, as far as I’ve seen.

Life in the slow lane.