DVR Hard Drive Install too complex for us average Bears

VI bought a new to Tablo 2…day 3, still no hard drive. I have tried to connect a brand new Toshiba 3.0 1TB hard drive and first issue was no hard drive found. ISupport emailed me back to push reset 3 times quickly so they could get remote access to reset the Tablo. Now it finds the hard drive, which is now spinning like a top and light on drive is blinking. Tables says formatting the hard drive for about 5 seconds, then says hard drive temporarily unavailable. I am not an IT guy, but consider myself adept at most home pc and home network issues, but this bear thinks Tablo could have sold me a native hard drive that was plug and play for $35 over retail hard drive and I would have gladly paid it. Why does Tablo not have a DVR available option, even if it is simply an external hard drive that is already formatted plug n play ready? I loved cutting the cable, but this DVR hard drive setup is not non-geek friendly. I am wifi using Roku.

@brianbazar This is definitely not what the average experience is like for formatting the drive; this usually only takes a few seconds, and doesn’t require getting in touch with our support team.

If your Tablo is still in remote access mode, let our team know. We can take another look and see what the problem is.

I’ve been using the Toshiba Canvio1TB HD from the get go for more than a year now without issue’s. Initial set up was quick and straightforward with no hiccups.
Unless you have a defective unit this should not be a compatibility issue with regard to hard drive. Suggest you touch base with support again for additional help.

It is still in remote access mode…am able to initialize and format Toshiba 3.0 1TB on Desktop but not on Tablo. Tablo cannot detect the hard drive. Ugh. Been in remote mode all day Friday. Not heard back. Is there a phone support for Tablo? Will put back in remote mode Monday at 8am so Tablo support please see what you can do to help me.

Did a factory reset but still no hard drive detected. The light does come on the hard drive and I was able to format the hard drive via Windows 10 desktop. Do I need 512 efat or the other choice started with N if I recall, or should Tablo be finding it. Using iPad and web ap on wifi setup, it never asked me to plug in the hard drive nor to format it…

Tablo support is very good but in my experience they’re M-F, 9-5 EST operation. Don’t hold your breath over the weekend but make sure your unit is still in remote access mode Monday am. They’ll get to you but they don’t have a weekend technical crew yet. That I’m aware of?

Oh, Canadian holidays are also closed for business days.

Definitely M-F only…no weekend hours.

Problem solved with a new seagate 2TB thin drive…toshiba 1tbwould not work, so its going back to Amazon

@brianbazar Glad to hear you were able to get things up and running.