DVR Functions For Live TV?

This has probably been covered somewhere here before, but I can’'t find what I’m looking for with search. When you are playing live TV with Tablo, what DVR functions do you have? Specifically, can you pause, rewind, fast forward (after pause or rewind, of course), while watching live TV? If you can pause, is there a limit to how long you can pause for?

We’re planning to quit our satellite TV, and have been experimenting with streaming using a Fire TV. CBS all Access and PlayStation Vue give us all the channels we watch, but my wife likes to be able to pause live TV, do something else for a bit, then start watching again, slowly catching up to real time by fast forwarding through commercials. You can do this with Playstation Vue (though the implementation is a bit crude), but not at all with CBS All Access. I was hoping someone made a device that would sit between the Fire TV and the TV, inputting the Fire TV output, and allowing DVR functions on the way to the TV, but I don’t think such a device exists.

So now we’re looking at using OTA for watching CBS instead. So now I’m looking for a DVR solution for live OTA TV, that will work for my wife.



Hello Mke

Yes you can pause, and then fast forward through that commercial or rewind… just like any DVR.

You can pause for quite a long time, although every so often the show will start again on it’s own, although that hasn’t happened to me for quite awhile.


You are correct here, I don’t think such a device exists.

Thanks for the replies. Most helpful.

The only thing is you cannot record a show that is already in progress. So if you’re watching it live and back out to the guide, you can select Record but it will only record from that point going forward. Any part of the show prior will not record. Some cable DVRs will save the show from the beginning if you had started watching it live from the start.

Thanks. That’s good to know. DirecTV (our current provider) allows you to record from the beginning, even if you don’t start recording until after the show starts. I don’t remember us ever using this feature though. If we record a show, it’s because we can’t watch it live for some reason.

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