Duplicate Schedule / Recorded Shows

This is not new, I have seen posts from almost 2 years ago, but I just go a Tablo and Roku. So far its been good, some quirks, but the one that I really want to see a fix for is:

In Phoenix, Channel 3-1 and 5-1 are sister channels and my wife has schedule Dr. Phil to record. Problem is, it airs on both channels and so we get duplicate schedule and recordings of every episode. I have the check box to not record duplicates but that does not help.

Coming from the cable world, they had a simple addition to this. When you select to schedule all / new, you had the option to select on a particular channel only or ANY channel. Clearly the Tablo only has the option for ANY channel, I am asking for a feature to allow me to select ANY or ONE channel.

This is very frustrating and it is clear I am not the only one with this issue. A feature upgrade in the near future will be awesome.

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As long as you have do not record duplicates checked off, this usually works. The issue here is the guide data provider isn’t using the same episode ID for say s15e05 on channel 3-1 and 5-1.

Are you having this issue with othe shows that also air on both channels 3-1 and 5-1?

The short term fix is to remove one of the channels from your Tablo - if they are sister channels, they must air a lot of the same shows?

This is the only show on both channels. Unfortunately there are unique shows on both channels that we record, so removing 1 channel is not possible.

We’d like to grab the logs from your Tablo to check this out - I’ll send you a PM shortly!

I believe I received your private message but I don’t feel comfortable putting my Tablo into a remote access mode such that anyone can remote into it. What assurances do I have that its a Tablo support person and not a hacker getting onto my home network?

Is there a way that I can dump a log and send it to you instead? I can access the /pvr directory of my Tablo where I see many directories, where in each directory I see a log directory with a few files in it. Are these the log file you wish to see?

I understand the trepidation, but do you use the Tablo Connect feature aka remote viewing of your Tablo?

The use of remote viewing opens up your network to the the world as you’ve opened up specific ports in your router’s firewall.

Nope, for the same reasons. I have attended to many security conferences where such features are great entry points for hackers and there are many documented cases where they have been successful.

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