Duplicate Recording

On my tablo, on new PBS recordings (some regular network) it records over and over the same new recordings that week like NOVA 3-4 times which makes conflicts later in the week unnecessarily. Is it because I pick up two PBS networks Cincinnati and Dayton or is it a scheduling bug?

Do you have it set for ‘Record ALL’ or ‘Record NEW’? 

If you have record all, it’ll record every single episode of Nova that airs on any channel you get it on. If you pick ‘Record NEW’ it’ll just catch the 1 new episode. It will catch both Cincinnati and Dayton. We’re working on some ‘smart scheduling’ logic that’ll allow you to choose a preferred feed.

Yes I have it on record new. It causes all kind of scheduling conflicts with PBS when I can pick up 3 stations. Record new shouldn’t be per channel but show based obvious flaw!

Recording Duplicate shows on more than one channels REALLY needs to be fixed!!!

@PVRman - @TabloTV knows about it loud and clear and has assured us they are working diligently to get it fixed ASAP.

Same issue here, Record New will still record the re-broadcast that occurs in the following overnight block (2AM-5AM block)

Bug workaround, you can go to scheduled recordings and deselect the repeated recording events.

+1 for the simulcast fix.  PBS here simulcasts on two different channels and having to deselect works but not preferred. 

If Channel AND Title Then

   RecordALL OR RecordNew


Glad to hear this is being worked on.  Maybe the old code can be an additional button to Record Title across all channels if someone wants to try and capture all re-broadcasts for some reason.