Duplicate channels for one station

I’ve been rescanning periodically due to the channel repacking. I rescanned last month and was excited to see that the local PBS station had finally gotten the new tower up and running (my wife loves some of the British shows and has been her only complaint since we cut the cord :grinning:). I just rescanned because 1 or 2 other stations are supposed to have updated their towers/frequencies too. But now I get 2 of every channel 4 (PBS). I noticed that the channels are listed differently in the Scan screen, but are listed the same in the Guide menu. I suspect that the issue has to do with the repacking. (The station is currently broadcasting on both the old and new station frequencies). Is there anyway to tell which frequency is the new one based on the Scan screen labels? I’ve tried to include both images below, but as a new user I can only include one. So I’ve included the Scan screen that shows the different names for the same channels. I guess you’ll have to take me word that they are exactly the same in the channel guide list.

Thank you,
Michael Brown

We’ve seen this in the past when broadcasters are in the midst of some changes. Trying waiting a day or so, then run a channel scan again on another app (if possible), and let us know if the problem still appears.

Please show real channel numbers! Some of us receive the same channel from three towers!

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I only have the one Tablo connected through WiFi to 3 appletv’s. I’m not sure what you mean when you say from another app.

Channels 4-1 through 4-4. The only ones duplicated.

I’ve had this happen to me before but it was not duplicate channels from the same provider. It was some very distant channels coming from (I believe) Chicago. Don’t quite remember. It was one of those days where tropospheric ducting was very active and I was getting double channels but from two different OTA providers. The next day after doing a scan I was back to the single channels I expected. I’m about 120 miles away from Chicago so no I normally do not receive any OTA from it. But on the right days I can receive them like their towers are in my back yard.

What I mean in my last post is: try running a channel scan using the Apple TV, instead of the iPhone app shown in your screenshot. Do you have the same issue there? If so, this is likely because broadcasters in your area are using the same channel numbers as one another, causing duplicates.

I have two channels of AntennaTV and GetTV, DABL and CourtTV Mystery. They are all on differet channels due to the propagation of the TV Airwaves. I live where I receive them all.