Duplicate channels causing guide issue

So I live in zip code 37323. I am in between Knoxville and Chattanooga Tennessee. I pick up stations from both as well as some other cities that are far away, but the stations come in perfect. I am having some issues because of this. I tried entering 37323 and 37408 (Chattanooga) as my location and the guide gets confused on where to pull information from.

For example, I have duplicate listings for 6-1and 6-2. These should be WATE 6-1 and HEARTHD 6-1 as well as I believe GeTTV 6-2 and RETROTV 6-2. But they display duplicates of the HEARTHD and RETROTV. The WATE and GETTV seems to be out of Knoxville and the others are out of Chattanooga. This means that I get no program info for these four stations because Tablo does not know what to do with them. Same goes for 6-3 that is listed as REVN out of Chattanooga and does not show the Knoxville version on the duplicate.

To make matters worse, I have a bunch of channels that show call signs but no program info at all. I assume this is because they are coming in from outside my local area. They play perfect and have great signal but Tablo does not seem to be able to handle anything outside the zip code you enter! What needs to be done to fix this?

You need to open a support ticket with the Tablo team. Tell them your zip code and provide a list of all the stations (by call sign) that you can receive at your location. They will work with their guide provider to correct the guide data.

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