Dual wifi TABLO Quad DVR

I have StarLink and ATT Rural Home base for internet. Firestick has both programed in. StarLink is my primary and ATT is secondary. If StarLink goes down Firestick will automatically switch to ATT. Can TABLO be set to do the same thing? If so, how do I set it up to do that?

I don’t own any Amazon Fire devices, but does the Firestick actually switch or is it you have a router that supports dual WAN connections and your network is simply switching to the backup ISP which should be transparent to your devices?

My Firestick automatically will switch to ATT if it loses StarLink. I can usually tell when it switches because the speeds are slower. Sometimes StarLink will shut down for unknown reasons but will come back within a few minutes but not before Firestick auto switches. I sent an email to Tablo and their response was that I can only set up one WiFi on TABLO. If I want to switch to another then I have to set it up all over again. Seems stupid to me. Surely they can configure it to have 2 WiFi options if Firestick can. So for now, I’m at an impasse. Thanks for responding though.

FireOS is based on Android. Android supports multiple WiFi profiles. Tablo is it’s own operating system. It could be based on some form of LInux, as many devices are, but may not have the ability to support multiple WiFi.
Maybe there is some form of access point that can support multiple WiFi, and then have an Ethernet output you can use with the Tablo.

Tablo does have Linux back in there at its core. So, not really “its own OS”, but the application on top afaik, is closed source. Not sure about Tablo’s compliance with the GPL btw.

Ah, so you must be configured with two totally separate WiFi networks, 1 for AT&T, 1 for Starlink, so it just connects to the other WiFi network if the first one becomes unavailable?

I believe you would actually have to manually reset it to the other network. Another words it would be just like you were setting it up brand new Tablo. Just be careful or you could wioe out your recordings.

As many users travel with Firestick, it may be silimiar to any mobile device. Config wireless where youre at and it saves info.

Tablo is designed for a fixed location and kept network configuration simple - internally :wink:

Exactly. Unfortunately TABLO says it won’t work that way. If i want to change WiFi, I’d have to totally reset it each time I switch. Thanks for your help though.

Exactly. But TABLO says no. To switch to another WiFi, I’d have to totally reset it each time. Thanks.

Exactly our issue. We travel full time in our motor coach. As most full timers, we have our primary WiFi (StarLink) and our secondary WiFi (ATT). TABLO won’t accept 2 different Wi-Fi’s. Only one can be programmed in and to change you have totally reset TABLO. Thanks.

Your life would be much easier all around if you used something like a WifiRanger for the LAN/Wifi in your coach, and let it switch between Starlink and AT&T as needed.


Again, use one of these, and the Tablo would not need to directly use Wifi:

Will any of those devices automatically switch Wifi networks? If not, then it doesn’t solve the problem.

I posted your situation here, although there doesn’t appear to be much sympathy:

Outside of an adapter that supports dual-wifi, the only other thing I can think of is a separate router that allows 2 inputs and has failover to switch inputs when one doesn’t work. That would require Ethernet from what I assume are your two gateways, and turning off those WiFi and only using the one from the router.

As I said above, the right solution is a WifiRanger or other router with automatic failover and Wifi as WAN support. The starlink will do Ethernet, and the ATT hotspot will probably do USB, so there’s lots of options.

As it is, the OP is depending on all his devices switching Wifi networks appropriately. Which is problematic. Mobile devices will do it. Tablo and printers and others will not.

Backing up a bit… your root cause is unreliable satellite internet service. Is this a because it’s mobile? or just crappy service? If your internet is unreliable, don’t “blame” tablo for not flexing.

Way back in the old day I used HughsNet, it was virtually without issue - but fixed at home. I understand switching may not be an easy option, but if StarLink isn’t providing you the service you need, there are other, very limited, options.