Dual WAN Connectivity

Hello — what information does my Tablo share/use with my.tablotv.com in order for my browser to make a connection? In trying to configure my new dual-WAN (load balancing 2 ISPs) that connectivity no longer functions reliably.

Presumably my my.tablotv.com request is going to one ISP while my Tablo has identified itself through the other ISP, and it doesn’t connect the two.

Has anyone successfully set their Tablo up in a dual WAN environment? I could force all the traffic over one WAN/ISP, but thta’s kind of missing the point :slight_smile:


as a developer, I’m sure you know, as I’ve found this just watching the network traffic in my browser.

It sends back your public (WAN) and private (LAN) IPs, and ports for remote connect and other info. I do know there’s a js from amplitude.com, but blocking that had no impact on functionality. Locally, I doubt the WAN is relevant, looking at it’s local IP… does it care you have two ISPs?

I had (third party) firmware that had configurations for dual-WAN, I would presume your local network wouldn’t “see” it via NAT… but this is waay beyond me.

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Have you set up identical port forwards on both inbound interfaces?

Thanks - I didn’t know about that api URL. My app discovers Tablos solely by inquiry on the local network. That URL returns my info every time (regardless of what WAN is used). Still, half the time, it is unable to establish connectivity. It would seem then that the local IP isn’t just being taken and used - there must still be internet-related stuff happening. When I turn off dual WAN, it’s all golden.


OH good Q! I just used UPNP, so no, I have not set up port forwards on both WANs. BUT I’m trying to watch inside my house… so unsure how the remote connect capability would be in play. I’ll keep mucking about and see what I can figure out!

It’s possible the web app is doing some sort of Internet round trip query since it has to go to their servers to load the app in the first place. But the web app should work without forwarding set up at all.

I thought you were having problems with Remote Connect.

Do non-browser apps (Roku, AppleTV, etc) work with the dual WANs enabled?

before I get unlisted again… it’s nothing that isn’t out there! the api.tablotv.com/assocserver/getipinfo/ has been posted in topics dating back to July 2014, among other network monitoring methodologies.

But there’s also this… https://api.tablotv.com/assocserver/getiptoken/ but I suspect only work in tandem with the “whole process” as it does not much on it’s own.

Oh, please don’t get banned on my account :wink:

Yes, the local clients like Roku are still working 100%. It’s the clients that dip in to the internet that are 50/50 in a dual WAN setup. But once connected, all is well. Not a huge deal but would be nice to make smooth.


At some time, or if circumstances require it, don’t most have some reliance on internet access to find your tablo?

Just FYI, I ended up forcing Tablo traffic down one WAN. It appeared to update it’s public IP info periodically at the Tablo servers, and under load balancing that could be either one. That was actually fine from outside, and only bad from inside where my (only my) broswer based sessions failed to authenticate because the IP addresses often did not match.

Thanks for the help & tips!

To clarify, for others, once your browser “finds” the tablo, it doesn’t need to access the internet - all streaming is done over the local network aka LAN. right?

Seems to be the case from my casual observations and playing around, but I’ll defer to @TabloTV for the definitive statement on that one.

That’s right, but it needs internet to do maintenance and updating of the TV guide every night - about 2am here.

yes point is browser streaming
tablo requires internet as designed for basic function at some point :disappointed:

That’s right.

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