Dual vs Quad speed

I have a dual with 2gb attached ehd. Roku Ultra on 2 TV’s, works great. Have not cut the cord yet, but if I do, I’m thinking of the Quad. Is it any faster at changing channels than the Dual? That’s the only thing I really don’t like. Does subscribing to guide make it any faster? Manual is plenty good until I cut the cord.

Curious anyone tried HdHomerun? Now that Roku has an app with cloud DVR, curious if it’s any faster.

They run the same firmware, so they functions identically. Network connectivity may provide marginal, if any difference. Not necessarily between dual/quad - just overall.

Other than tuners, optional internal drive, functionally there’s little difference. Quad allows gigabit ethernet, but is still limited to overall network topology and other devices.

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If you need fast changing with least amount of delay, go with an HD Homerun product, which does require running cable from your antenna location to your router.

If you can live with a little delay when switching (which you do get used to), and you like an easier, more elegant solution with a fantastic (beautiful) User Interface, stick with Tablo. I own both, have a year’s worth of on-hands experience with both (and others) … to my view, Tablo wins.


Or just split the input coax and run one to the TV and one to Tablo. Works like a charm.

What does that do for you? Wouldn’t help me since my antenna and Tablo are in a detached room, ethernet from Tablo to access point (old Linksys router) in that room, ethernet to main router in house. I use Roku Ultra on all TV’s in the house. Room where Tablo is is a “guest house” seldom used. Can’t get good antenna reception in main house.

I understand it’s an ordeal and expense, why couldn’t you run coax along with the ethernet? Does the house have “cable” jacks? A distribution amp type splitter - that’s what it does for you, let’s your TV… be an old-fashioned TV :neutral_face:

I’ve had both hdhomerun connect duo and tablo for a few years, channels surfing all depends on the number of channels surfed and how quickly. Tablo buffers recently used channels in unused tuners.

While the channel change time of the native hdhoomerun app on fire tv stick is pretty speedy, the hdhomerun app on Roku is not as speedy.

While I prefer the hdhomerun Roku app it does have some spin up delay at channel change time.

Yes, could do that once I drop Dish. But don’t you loose the Tablo guide if you connect coax directly to the TV?

use Titan TV

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LOL… wife would never use her phone to access a guide. Also need to select program and record from guide. As soon as I drop Dish I plan on subscribing to Tablo guide.

guide is still there… if you look at the guide to decided what to watch - why are you changing channels so frequently to be annoyed by the delay?

Here’s a question: do you need to quickly change channels? or look-up in a guide, find out what’s on and stick to a channel?

I agree with @sodaman_2000!! others have mentioned this in the past was well as an excellent choice. I always have it opened in a tab.

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Some TVs have native program guides that download via the OTA signal if you’re feeding the antenna directly to the TV. All of my Samsung TVs have built in guides, as do Roku TVs. We thus use the TV tuners and program guides for live viewing and use the Tablo for time-shifting.