Dual Tablo keeps locking up

This is the second time this week that it seems to have locked up. Can’t connect to it. The first time it wouldn’t even respond to a tap of the button to reboot, I had to power cycle it. The second time it did respond to the button tap, but once it came up it says synchronizing which makes me think when it was locked up it was doing nothing. Unit is two months old.

Is the unit in a well ventilated area? Maybe it’s overheating.

Yes, it sits on a shelf by itself with plenty of ventilation.

What software release are you running? I KNOW that problem existed on 2.2.28.

Thanks - tt is on 2.2.30.

Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo Support and have them look at your logs to see if it actually freezing up and why.

Thanks; will do!