Dual Live Buffer

I was a DirecTV customer for almost 20 years. Finally cut the cord about 2 months ago. The DTV DVR offered what I called dual live buffer. I could watch channel A until a commercial would come. I would pause channel a and go to channel B. I would watch channel B until a commercial would start, pause channel B and go to channel A. I would fast forward through the commercials on channel A and watch until I was back to live TV and more commercials, pause and go back to channel B.

This was a great way to watch two programs on two channels and avoid all commercials. Will Tablo ever be able to do this?

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I’d say no. No just the commercials part, as, at least for right now, Tablo has stopped serving that path.

Tablo certainly allows fast switching between already tuned channels, though the convenience feature may only be with certain clients.

And of course, depending on tuners and client, nothing saying you can’t have more than one channel being viewed live at one time (e.g. two or three channels showing live at the same time on screen).

Tablo does that already. In fact, I was doing exactly that this morning on two separate channels on a 4 tuner Tablo.

Which device are you using? Holding pause between channel swaps.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that, I rewind back to where I was when I swap channels. Tablo will not keep a pause when you change channels, but it will keep a one hour buffer on each tuner as long as a recording doesn’t start and take a tuner.

I notice on my 4 tuner that the channel number turns red on only two of the channels that are tuned and buffering, even though there are actually four channels tuned.

I have the Dual lite OTR unit with Amazon Fire Stick. I would imagine that the Tablo functions are limited to what the Fire Stick remote lets me do and it’s limited function keys.