Dual HDMI remote access

Is there anyway to remote access the Dual HDMI from a separate network?
I know it’s not designed for that , but I also know that my Roku with a Tablo app can access it on my local network and that updates are sent to it remotely from outside networks from Tablos team.
So the questions is how can I do the same and watch it? I know the web app on my local PC doesn’t access yet my Roku does. So the question for me is why not my pc at least on the same network?

The Tablo app on the Roku doesn’t support Tablo Connect (remote viewing) for network DVRs or HDMI connected DVRs. That is it doesn’t work for any Tablo DVR.

However, can achieve remote viewing with a VPN setup. VPN server where the Tablo is located, and VPN client where the Roku is located at its remote location.

Thank You.

Random question, how fast is the upload speed at your location where the Tablo is / will be?

The recordings on the Tablo DUAL HDMI are the native MPEG2 video which is around 20 Mbps so the upload speed would need to be higher than that to be able to do remote streaming. Most consumer home internet services have a slower upload speed than that (I will point out that download speed and upload speed are two separate things as many people quote their fast download speed when I ask this question).

along those lines, advertised up to are often theoretical maximums and may/not represent real-life experiences

also to note: if doing speed test from mobile device or WiFi connected device, your speed test may be limited to your wireless network.


Yes I have the upload speeds for it. 30 up on my home network for access and 50 up from my office.

I guess the main thing I’m trying to do is get my Tablo Tool and Tablo Ripper to work with the New Dual HDMI

From the beginning it’s been reported Tablo’s CEO confirms Tablo Ripper works!! So presumably so do other 3rd part tools/app as they generally work virtually the same.