DUAL HDMI - In Depth Review (Video)

Hi All,

When I first received my DUAL HDMI I posted a thread titled “Received my DUAL HDMI - Initial Impressions”. Now, after having the unit for a while I’m posting a video with a more complete review.

For those who read my first thread, this review is after the software update that Tablo provided.

I hope this answers some questions for people, and I hope that I’ve presented some constructive suggestions for Tablo. Enjoy !!



Thanks so much for your video review @SteveB!

I’ve shared it with the team and they’d like to let you know that there are additional improvements in the works, including items to specifically address some of the things you mentioned.

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@SteveB nice review! I’d be interested to see how things work when streaming from a Roku or FireTV box.

It’s interesting how we all use our Tablos in different ways. I’ve had my Tablo for some years now, and I hardly ever go into the Live TV screen.

I rarely go into the Live TV screen as well and I mostly manage schedules, recordings, etc. via a PC using Chrome.

I always thought the purpose of a DVR was to be free from linear TV.

I think it’s dependent on whether you are mostly DVR or mostly Live TV anywhere. I use both.

Wouldn’t plex with hdhomerun and anywhere be the solution for you.

I’ve had the Dual HDMI since the 28th of February. I know many recordings are dependent on antenna reception quality. I’ve found any channel below 720p is likely to bail on me or tile like mad, so I screen them out on the schedule filter.
I like the remote and direct HDMI connection. Superior quality. Insofar as connecting from my other Sony smart TV using Amazon Fire Cube, that works pretty well. What I’ve learned is–
Don’t play remote recordings when there are two channels recording in-process. You can avoid a dropout on the remote screen and tanking one of the in-process recordings.
You need a strong network connection. I usually go with a direct use of the internal AT&T router instead of a slaved router. The Tablo and the Fire Cube need to be on the same network.
Commercial Skip works very well on all normal programs, EXCLUDING any news-related programs. Don’t even try. Example:. GMA or GMA3. Suggest only recording those with Skip disengaged.
If you get dropouts on the remote TV (i.e, can’t find Tablo device), try rebooting the Fire device and freeing up cache in the fire tv apps and try again. It’s usually a bandwidth or memory issue.
Everything works well when you know your own infrastructure limitations. Using the Tablo with the provided remote and connected TV never has issues. It’s a GREAT way to kick the cable box to the curb. And the service follow-ups via email how-to’s is great, and all voice contacts are professionally handled. Great device. Great experience.

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It is still slow to populate without any images. If you use another machine it is instantly populated.

All my media equipment is on the LAN. I only use WiFi for portable devices. Since it only has tuners you can not watch (Live TV) a third station while recording two unlike the Quad. I have had no problems recording two while playing back video as well so that issue probably is your WiFi. I have found commercial skip varies a lot but there are patterns to when it fails depending on the type of show. SNL and games shows is is pretty good but it never find any in the last quarter of any talk show or sitcom. I will not even bother with PBS since they are all at the end.

Mostly for pausing live TV.