Dual HDMI Buffering

I have a Dual HDMI that is wired directly to my FireTV. I have the Tablo connected directly to my internet via ethernet cable. I have a 2GB hard drive that was recommended by Tablo. I do not watch on any other device other than my FireTV. I also have the paid yearly subscription to the TV Guide.
The problem is that I get a ton of buffering on some programs during re-watch. I can fast forward and the picture and thumbnail change/advance with the fast forward. Why on earth would it be buffering? I’m hardwired to everything, so no WiFi is being used. I clearly have a signal because the screen/thumbnail changes with FF or REW. There have been times where I have to do a series of steps in order to continue watching the program.
Is this because I’m watching through the app vs the HDMI cable?

Dependa, how old is your FireTV?
You have your HDMI tablo wired to your TV and connected to via ethernet.
How is your FireTV device connected to your network?

Try watching directly via your Tablo HDMI (no FireTv) to see if the buffering goes away. That would at least let you know if the issue is with the FireTV or the Tablo.

I don’t have a FireTV but seem to remember reading about certain FireTV models being more susceptible to buffering. If you search this forum. I’m sure you can find the relevant threads.

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Do you mean 2TB? If your hard drive is 2GB it could actually be the problem.

The memory management of the Fire Stick and/or the Tablo app on it seems to be poor. Clearing the cache on the Tablo is something to try. Go to Settings → Applications → Manage Installed Applications and scroll down to Tablo and select it for a good time. Clear Cache is an option.

I restart my Fire Stick every day or two when it starts to go a bit wonky. This is a bit easier than going through the steps above but takes a bit more clock time. The Amazon programmers seem to have been those who learned to code from one of those old advertisements on the back of matchbooks.

Perhaps Richard has a Fire TV TV, not a Fire TV stick, and the Table dual HDMI is attached to the Fire TV TV through an HDMI port.

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You are correct and I am guilty of not reading closely enough.

Yes, I should have said 2TB and I only have about 0-5 hours of recordings at any given time. I routinely clear the cache and data via the app manager. I do have a FireTV and the Tablo HDMI is attached directly to the TV via the HDMI port.
My FireTV is newer Insignia (purchased in 2022). The TV is connected via WiFi and the Tablo is connected via Ethernet cable.
I do believe that the problem only occurs when using the Tablo app (therefore using WiFi) through the TV. I’ll switch to using the Tablo through the HDMI if/when the problem occurs again. I just like the idea of only using 1 remote vs 2.

Can you connect your Insignia Fire TV to Ethernet?

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That’s where all the detailed questions come from. In the end, glad you figured out the issue. Hope you can reconcile things so you can enjoy your tablo expirence.