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Tablo got mentioned in the DRM discussion. This is one of the parts of the new standard that most concerns me. I’ve had plenty of people tell me it’s no big deal. Here are the first consequences of DRM in ATSC 3.0 and we’ve barely started this adventure.

The DRM standard, certification, cost, and complexity is much less for DRM via HDMI then as a set top box with network client apps.

So unless you are a ripper for plex things will eventually work itself out.

It’s a lot easier to say it will work out if you haven’t sunk a bunch of money into new equipment like an expensive TV that may no longer receive the ATSC3 content you specifically bought it for.

Here are the bigger issues:

  • DRM may not allow streaming our recorded content to other devices in our homes.

  • DRM content may expire.

  • DRM content may allow only a single viewing.

  • DRM content might not have the ability to be recorded at all.

  • Unintended consequences. There have been plenty of those! unintended consequences of drm - Google Search

History suggests consumers will be inconvenienced but pirates will continue to pirate.

I am one of those that likes to sometimes rip content to my Plex server which is one of the reasons this topic is important to me. I wasn’t an early adopter of the standard though because I’m still waiting for key issues to get worked out.

The good news, it’s far from something we can feel forced into.

DVDs still outsell Blu-rays, and I don’t see that changing. One works, the other kicks you in the balls on a daily basis (thanks Sony). The alternative the “system” has created: mass piracy. (interesting)

I agree that all the “DRM mess” strictly punishes those that want to do “what’s right”. Industry care level: zero (as they are all pirates themselves)

If I sell you a decrypted movie on the street (pretend that’s still a thing), wouldn’t you rather go to the vendor that has full boxed artwork and an exact encrypted copy instead? (it looks real). I can’t tell you how many Amazon purchases I’ve made that were fakes (well done fakes). DRM didn’t solve the problem is was intended to solve here… and even in today’s modern world, it still doesn’t.

As for me, I can record in exact display quality, anything. Anything. And I’m not a “pro”… so what is all this DRM about really? Sigh…

I don’t believe that speculation will get us there. We don’t know what is going to happen, and the whole ATSC 3.0 is a “fluid thing” at this point. Even if we had the answers for today’s issues, tomorrow might bring something new.

That being said, I would never drop a large amount of money on any device (i.e. $3,000 for a TV) that supports ATSC 3.0 by today’s standard…it may or may not be a brick in a few months.

Going back 30 years, I remember the early days of digital cable. It was amazing tech, and we went through several generations of it before they finally “perfected” it.

That being said, I don’t see a “permanent solution” in the near future…And the final solution when it does happen may not be everything we want it to be. Not only do the broadcasters own the casino - they have the ability to stack the deck any way they want it…

Not only this, but streaming continues the convenience vs fidelity comparison. The vast majority of people will just stream a lower quality version if it’s easily accessible online.

I thought some of the CEO’s of the major networks had already voiced concern over the cost and quality of future network programing. And thus some networks may reduce the number of hours of primetime programing. That is a bigger threat to OTA then some hypothetical concerns over ATSC 3.0 and DRM.

While I don’t want to go down too big of a rabbit hole, to do that would be considered “racist” (disenfranchising, so to speak). That is, you can’t deprive (all) people of their right to free “good” content.

ATSC 3.0 is an optional standard. The ATSC 1.0 standard is not being deprecated. If a station starts to broadcsat ATSC 3.0 and the ATSC 1.0 5 years rule, a station decides not to continue to broadcast ATSC 1.0 it’s a business decision.

Of course I wish Sony still supported my BetaMax.

I’m not sure how/why it’s a “consequence” as the “pay” or encryption has been part of the deal since the beginning. It’s not a new part of the specs.

It’s likely why ATSC 3.0 is marketed as NextGen TV – it’s something cool and neat and what consumers want. They don’t need to know anything other than it’s the next new thing and it’s gonna be awesome.

There have been many post from users who need to know if/when a device will be ready because they are looking into purchasing a TV and don’t want it to be “old”. As though this new thing is clearly spelled out and no matter what it’s going to be exactly what’s needed.

Indeed. The same old same old on networks won’t suddenly be more attractive simply because it’s shown in 4K. Celebrity Family Feud will be just as awful in 4K as it is in 1080i.

People will buy 4K TV because they want close to first run movie content in their homes, something already available from the streamers. Who cares if you local station also offers it, unless it’s cheaper than buying online.

Likely (I think) that people might want 4K to watch sports OTA. I could be wrong.

Most OTA broadcast stations are not owned by the major networks. Some people think that pushing content decisions back to local affiliates could raise their revenue. But that doesn’t mean that what they choose would be not only free but also DRM free. Those time slots on ATSC 3.0 could be pay programing.

Local ATSC 1.0 sub-channels could become something completely different with DRM pay channels.

Nobody in this thread to this point could be called the average TV buyer. The average consumer could easily be duped.

Investors! Almost no one want’s to spend time or money on content without the illusion of protection. The professional pirates have the ability to rip perfect copies from most streaming services too. Should it come down to it I’ll build my own DVR with a few capture cards I suppose.

It’s fair to object to me calling it a “consequence” since companies didn’t have to jump in before the dust settles. I was never referring to the pay TV being DRMed. I fully expect the DRM to expand to the free TV as well.

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This is old, and I haven’t picked up the project for years… what I was working on. It’s not terribly obvious, except sound wise (because all channels where outputting sound), but at the beginning, I’m really changing channels… later you see a composite mosaic of the 6 sources… all of this is “live” (not manipulated)

What type of capture equipment were you using and were you pulling it directly from HDMI? It looks good.

The system had dual Hauppauge QuadHDs, but I had other sources in that, including web stuff (one was even Tablo). While not in that video necessarily, I have another that pulls in Neflix and AVP, again, combined with OTA, etc. It shows speeding up a source, obviously, something pre-recorded.

I had even more grandiose plans with a frame buffer (that, record “anything” option with HDCP defeat, see Walmart) as one of the sources.

Plans also would have had an overlay for channel guide and input selects, etc.

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That sounds a bit excessive. I love it! :joy: