Drive Errors Causes Intermittent Reception

This is an informational post in case anyone else runs into this situation.
Legacy Quad Tablo with internal drive bay. Seagate 2TB 2.5"

“Recording failed because there was no free storage space”
Around this time, the Tablo would need to be rebooted to work again. After reboot, I deleted the shows that tried to record. It would work for some time. Often reception would fail mid show and cause commercial skip and preview to fail.
Support explained my drive had errors.
Eventually, I replaced the drive & migrated the data. The reception problems disappeared. The Tablo is working again.
Does anyone know how a drive problem would affect reception?

Sorry for the long post. I have the legacy Network connected Quad with the USB connection. I’ve had the same intermittent connection with a “recommended” WD Elements USB Drive” of the 3TB variety. When I disconnect the drive, Tablo comes up fine with “no storage” but when I try to connect this or any of other four (4) 500GB or more USB drives that I have, Tablo disconnects. I’m guessing that because of this I am unable to get The Tablo to enter maintenance mode for remote checks. I’ve done all the recommended reboots, resets and finally did a factory reset. Now I use Tablo Ripper every few days to empty my USB drive in case I have to wipe it.

I have real old posting, “they” said I had a bad drive. Removed it, ran extensive testing, no issue. Transferred everything to another drive, did invasive testing. It was years ago, read writing I believe. No drive issue. Restored files, reconnected to tablo, for no apparent reason everything worked. Nothing wrong with my drive.

I believe “drive error” is somewhat a generic error tablo uses. Many have said to have had it with out find any problem. This is not to say there is never nothing wrong with a drive with this message.

One often suggestion is try a different cable. With the Quad, it has an internal serial port. If you had a drive available this would eliminate the USB all together.

I’m unclear the correlation with maintenance mode - remote check aka remote mode (different things) and drive issues.