Drive busy, cannot access Tablo for days

Two years ago, I got my parents a Tablo Dual, and a MyBook drive to go with it.

Over the weekend, they were no longer able to access the Tablo. I do not recall the status of the Tablo LED, but the drive LED was flashing fairly quickly, and I could hear it making typical hard drive noises, nothing unusual.

After a day of this, I pulled the plug, and restarted the Tablo. It did the same thing.

After a second day, I just disconnected the drive and took it to my place to see what my computer would do with it. It appears to be a perfectly normal, functioning, hard drive.

Folders at the root level are:

  • del
  • lost+found
  • rec
  • tmp

And files at the root level are:

  • .nuvyyo
  • .wake

Is there anything further that can be done to restore TV function? Are the recordings lost? (I suppose I can copy them locally, but I want my parents to be able to watch them via their Kodi Tablo app as usual).

Without the HDD connected does the Tablo boot up properly? And say you can watch Live TV?

I agree with @theuser86’s questions - once the drive is detached, is normal function restored? Don’t hesitate to send a ticket to us either, our support team can take a look from our end.

Yes. We tried it without the hard drive, and live TV function is working well.

Sounds like the HDD is failing then if it works fine without the drive.