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This seems inappropriate :open_mouth:! Blatantly biased :frowning_face:! and outright discriminatory :disappointed:!


Lol is this supposed to be a joke?

Nope. Just a typo. Fixed now.

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Kinda thought so… but was try’n to have a bit of fun with it :wink:

Like having to pay a fee to stream from the new fancy HDMI tablo to devices in your own home – now that’s really being silly… isn’t it? :neutral_face:

The Tablo HDMI is not like other Tablo products. Its primary use case is to connect to a TV. The network streaming is an added feature and like remote connect on a network-connected Tablo, it requires a subscription.

If you’re jazzed about in-home streaming and don’t want a subscription, then a network-connected Tablo is the best option for you.

This is the awesome part - connecting it to my primary TV. Even those households likely have at least one “satellite” TV in their house. Use to use HDMI over ethernet and RF remotes or IR over coax to watch a second TV.

Most all that’s gone now what with networking and media PCs. Yes, I’d have a subscription, but it’s the “model” of having to pay to steam in my own house. Bad enough I have to pay for internet service to watch my free OTA recordings.

More bias!?! :anger:

Tablo Compatible Mobile Devices & PCs

PC & MAC computers running Chrome, Safari, or the latest Microsoft Edge browser

Then suggest it’s for Windows or MACs


Chrome is officially supported for several Linux distributions:

Download & install Google Chrome

System requirements to use Chrome

To use Chrome on Linux, you’ll need:

64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+
An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE3 capable 

So why no tux logo?

…and for whatever reason, you can even the “the latest” MS Edge on Linux

So it meets the “recommended” requirements, presuming it has “sufficient video card”.

You device runs Linux and various open source software – so why the exclusion?!? There’s not even a royalty for Tux.

Probably because Tux is the logo of the kernel which is common across the four Linux distro’s you mentioned.

While the 100’s of other packages across just these 4 distro’s can all be different - different config files, locations , and options… And these 4 distros’ all have their own logo’s.

The kernel is the platform… which the OS is built upon? I don’t believe that list was all inclusive, so this may be digging too deep in the wrong direction. I do know much of their media information is over simplified, so as not to confuse typical consumers.

Although Tux is not a Linux trade marked logo and Linux in it’s self isn’t an operating system - https://isc.tamu.edu/~lewing/linux/ Tux is a universally recognizable icon for Linux Based OSs.

The platform just needs to to support Chrome? Cause there’s ChromeOS on a PC as well I suppose? Just seems selective.

I developed OS software for Enterprise Redhat and SuSe OS’s for 15 years. Tux represents that the kernel is Linux.

And because a Kernel is based on Linux there are specific features incorporated in the specific versions of the kernel. And those features are consistent for that version of the kernel regardless of which distro of Linux contains that specific version.

While Unix BSD and ATT USL were both versions of Unix no one expected the BSD kernel to remotely look like the ATT USL kernel.

Now that you’ve derailed this, I may have been mistaken suggesting Tux – nevertheless there are PC platforms beyond Windows and MAC ie ChromeOS and various Linux based OSs which run the recommended Chrome browser.

I do suspect Tux is considered somewhat universal, tablo does consider their user-base to believe device such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV are not proprietary devices.

It can stream live and recorded antenna TV on up to two secondary televisions in your home without the need for additional proprietary hardware.

[source: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/different-kind-tablo-ota-dvr-tablo-dual-hdmi/] While it can only stream to proprietary devices albeit not tablo specific. It’s beyond misleading, but that’s the target level. So I do believe you’re digging too deep with your argument.