Double recordings of same show, same time, same channel

My Tablo (4-channel) has recently started recording two copies of most, but not all programs. These are not repeats from a different time or from a different channel, but the same show at the same time on the same channel. This is happening across all stations, but not every show every time. I have tried removing and re-adding the schedules, but this has not helped. I know I am getting two copies, not just two listings for the same recordings, because the duplicated recordings will glitch in different places in the program. It does not matter whether I try set up the recording or watch the recording using the IPad app or the Roku app.

Also, I am always getting the extra five minutes on the recordings, even though I turned that feature off.

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That will always happen (if there is an available tuner). The extend recordings feature affects only sports, season finales, and special events, and it records an extra 50% of the runtime.

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Thanks for the info.

atacree, are you getting full duplicate recordings? If I have a power interruption or signal loss, I will get more than one file for my recording. The first will have say the first 15 minutes, then the next has the rest of the program.

Full duplicate recordings. I have seen the split recordings you describe, but not recently.

Never seen that mate. When did that start?

A few weeks ago. I don’ know if it was at the last firmware update or when I replaced the hard drive, but it started suddenly.

I’ve had double recordings 2-3 times in the past month as well. Haven’t paid attention to the channel or time slots. Will take notes if it happens again.

Maybe the duplicate recordings were caused by the recent change to the Guide access routine. Just guessing. It happened to me once or twice but not recently.

@atacree Have you been in touch with our support team? If not, send us a note or give us a call: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688). We should be able to check out your Tablo from our end and see what’s going on.

This issue also happens to me. Mine has only two tuners and both are occupied by one show and one channel at the same time. This does not make any sense. When it is doing that, It shows error “No tuner available” when I try to watch something else.
Besides, I live in on the East coast but clock always shows 1 hours off. But it records show correctly.

If you send our support team a ticket we should be able to narrow this down pretty quickly. Our team can take a look at your unit and see what’s causing it.

problem has not recurred recently.

Yes, I have just submitted the ticket. It happens quite often for me recently.

  • The double recording is still happening and I am waiting for support team to find out what is going on.

-The clock was off because it gets the time from my Roku. I got the Roku time up to day and it corrects the clock on Tablo Live TV. Thank you to the support team.

The double recording is really messing up all my recording. Today, I recorded two shows, once the device reboots, it started to record 1 show identically. Meaning there is one file before the reboot and two identical files after the reboot; at the same time, the second show stops, due to “recording failed because no tuner available”. There is one channel available before the reboot, but now the other show occupied 2 channels. Basically, one show has 3 files, 10 mins and 2 identical files with 50 minutes. The other show has one file 10 minutes. So, the second show become useless.