Dolly Parton Christmas of Many Colors

November 30 in EPG and just set to record

Still got it on my disk from last year. Good show - great Lady.

Watched it last year… really enjoyed it.

This is a CONTINUATION and is new. Look in the guide. I saw the promo on NBC.

Oh! Now have it set to record… appreciate the heads-up.

Great, thxs

“Workin’ 9 to 5” Go Dolly.

If Dolly Parton merits a bio flick of her early years, shouldn’t we be getting the same for Britney Spears?

After the Britney special, they should follow up the next year with a Jessica Simpson one, then a Christine Aguilera one. Their early (tough) years growing up and Christmases…:evergreen_tree:

And call this series what? “Christmases of Many Blondes?”

I can’t wait for “Christmas At the White House With the Trumps.” Presented by another blonde - Ivanka!

But it may be a two part special since The Donald has indicated he may not spend that much time at the White House preferring his golden NY apartment. Melania is not staying at the White House until her son finishes his schooling in Manhatten. Ex Pres Bill would have loved that kind of arrangement…