Dolby Digital in Linux?

I just changed my home desktop PC from Windows to Ubuntu Linux.

On Windows if I wanted to watch Tablo with the Dolby Digital audio setting enabled, I just had to do so with the Edge browser. In fact that’s the only reason I kept Edge installed.

I’m at a loss here for Ubuntu. Firefox and Chrome don’t support Dolby 5.1 decoding, and there is no Linux port of Edge.

Does anyone know of an alternate browser that I can use on Ubuntu to get audio from my Tablo? Or maybe some helper app I can run in the background? I’d hate to have to disable surround sound on the Tablo itself - then all of my other devices would go back to stereo.

Chrome doesn’t support 5.1 AC3 audio in Windows even.

You don’t need to use the browser at all. You could use my APLTablo app to get the URL for the recording you want to watch, and then use whatever Streaming app you want to get the audio you want…I believe VLC supports 5.1 :slight_smile:

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