Doesn't work on Edge browser

“A connection to your Tablo could not be established. Please check your internet connection.”

I’m getting this on Edge on my Win10 PC, but then when I try Chrome it (more or less) works… except I don’t get any audio on Chrome.

I’d just use Chrome, but I think the issue is it doesn’t support AC-3, while Edge does (AFAIK… Edge definitely supports AC-3 in general… even DD+ & Atmos on other apps). I want to keep surround if possible, of course.

Any ideas? Clearly it has nothing to do with the Tablo or my home router if it works on Chrome but not Edge on the same PC…

Install the Tablo app from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 rather than using the Edge browser.


I guess I assumed they didn’t have one since I didn’t see it in their support list (and clicking the Win10 link on Tablo website goes to an XB1 blog entry).

But - I see there is a Win10 app and after installing it’s working great (with audio). Thanks for the tip!


I have heard of some Tablo users using Edge successfully, but I never have. I just use Chrome or the Win10 app on my PC.

It is not a supported browser.

I’ve read chrome is recommended. It doesn’t say only supports chrome on Supported Apps & Devices page.