Doesn’t connect to wifi

I’ve had my Tablo for a couple weeks now. When I initially up it seemed to connect, built a channel list, I set up some shows I wante to record and everything seemed fine. A couple days ,laTer I added the hard drive. The next time I went to try to use it it could not connect to Wi-Fi. I rebooted the router but that did not help. Any suggestions?

Instead of “it could not connect to Wi-Fi” do you mean the tablo app couldn’t find the tablo unit(server). If so what app are you using? And it might be the router’s DHCP server has given the tablo unit a new and different IP address. if this is the problem some tablo apps allow you to re-search for the unit others might need the app data deleted.

You would have to log into the router to determine if the router knows if the tablo server is connected.

I’ll chime in seconding Chicaguy53’s problem.
I’m in my first week of owning my new Tablo OTA DVR dual tuner.
Since I have started using it, so far, on three occasions I have opened the app on my Amazon Fire Sticks and on my iPhone and it said couldn’t find the Tablo.
Unplugging and re-plugging the Tablo has resolved it every time, but the reason I bought it was to set-it-and-forget it.
Is there something to do that will be permanent so I can hide the Tablo away in a discreet place and not have to worry about it not being findable by the devices and having to reboot it all the time?

Connect it via Ethernet instead of WiFi?

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Did the tablo units IP address change. Did you clear the tablo app data and restart the app.

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Hi and thanks for the helpful responses.

I’ve only had the Tablo for a couple of days so I’m assuming that these are growing pains rather than a problem with the device.

I’m not super duper tech savvy so I don’t know if the IP address changed…and I hope it doesn’t change all the time because I have five FireSticks in five TVs, plus my phone and I don’t want to have to keep restarting the apps and deleting data all the time. I just want the TV stations to be there when I click on the app.

Over the last few days of owning the Tablo, I added a temporary hard drive to try out recording. Then I bought one of the recommended hard drives (2TB Seagate Expansion) and replaced the old one. I rebooted at the time. Might this have caused a new IP address?

Is the IP Address going to be a problem? Is there a way give the device a non-changing IP address? This could be helpful for the apps to always find the Tablo. Also, I want to use the remote feature of the Tablo (use my Toronto antenna at my cottage using and Amazon Firestick with the Tablo app). IT would be frustrating to be at the cottage and find that my Tablo needed rebooting or that its IP address had changed. By the way, maybe this question belongs in another thread.

One problem at a time. First priority is making sure the Tablo is discovered every time I open the app on my phone or the FireSticks.

First you need to determine if your problem might be caused by changiging IP addresses. Some tablo apps like to cheat and save off the last used IP address. While I have a firestick my HDCP server is well behaved and has been feeding the same IP address for years. Even after a tablo server reboot.

But the tablo server IP address is at the bottom of the settings page. If that’s the problem most DHCP servers allow for the IP address to be reserved. And I think most people using remote connect setup a static IP address so that the ports that are externalized go to the proper device.


New day and the Tablo apps continue to periodically not be able to find the Tablo. This includes the Firesticks, my phone, and my desktop computer.

Yesterday, I successfully reconnected the Tablo by going into Application Settings in the Firestick and Forcing stop, clearing cache, and clearing data, and then re-opening the Tablo app. This morning I did the same thing and it didn’t work.

Every time I am able to view the IP address of the Tablo it is the same. Not sure how to check the IP Address of the Tablo if none of the various hardwares are able to connect to it.

Anyway, this morning it took a unplug-and-re-plug-in of the Tablo to get it discoverable again.

Let’s assume that the IP Address is not changing. Any other things I should watch for?

You write down the IP address when it works and got into the router to see if it’s connected and check that address. You wouldn’t have the tablo server connected via WiFi to a mesh router where the router automatically moves devices between 2.4 and 5g WiFi based on workload.

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Thanks for your reply, zippy.

I just placed the Tablo in the location where I always wanted it to be - in the little electric box closet in the front corner of my basement - where the old Rogers RG6 cable AND my antenna wires enter the house. I connected the Tablo via ethernet cable to a switch that is in the little closet.

I tested it and the Tablo was discoverable by my phone and desktop computer which are both connected wirelessly to the network.

By the way, this is the first time I noticed a different IP Address on the Tablo.

My Bell Fibe Hub 4000 modem is unfortunately in the dining room, but I connected the dining room ethernet plug to the modem…so the modem runs to the basement cubby to the switches creating the wired network even though the Fibe modem is not in the cubby.

I’ll observe and report.

Hi there @harperprice,

Are you still having the connectivity issue? If so, to clarify a few things, I see you mentioned that you added a temporary hard drive to test out a recording before changing to another one. This may have caused some issues as Tablo is not meant to be used with multiple drives. When you initially connected and formatted the first drive you mentioned, it syncs the database on the Tablo with that hard drive. By switching to a separate drive, the Tablo may behave in an unexpected manner as the database it has established no longer matches the drive.

In theory, this shouldn’t affect your ability to connect to the Tablo, but hard drive issues have been known to cause problems that otherwise seem unrelated, like in this case.

As well, your IP address shouldn’t be any cause of issue here as long as it’s still on your LAN, even when it changes. The Tablo app is able to find the Tablo unit you were previously connected to even if you change the connection method (say from wi-fi to ethernet), which in general will cause a change in IP.

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Thanks admin for chiming in.

I bought the recommended Seagate Expansion 2TB hard drive and I unplugged the Tablo when I detached the temporary one and attached the new one. The Tablo prompted me to format the new hard drive and the scheduled recordings resumed. I haven’t noticed any problems I’d attribute to the hard drive. (I haven’t been able to re-format the temporary hard drive, but that’s another battle for another day).

New day today. The Tablo is now attached to antenna and to the wired switches in my hidden cubby closet in the front corner of my basement. I figured out how to assign the Tablo a static IP so I did that. And so far, all the different devices on my network have been finding the Tablo when the app got opened (phone, laptop computer, five FireSticks on five TVs – everything a wirelelss connection).

So far, so good.

The next task is to get remote connection working. I have never succeeded on that. The way I’m testing is by turning off wifi on my phone and trying to connect to the Tablo on my phone via mobile data connection. It’s always unable to connect so far.

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