Does Tuner Run Too Hot?

I just received the 4 tuner model yesterday.  Works great with no problems.  I am concerned as above that the unit runs too hot and may create a fire hazard.  Although I can handle my unit, it is definitely uncomfortable to the touch.  In fact, I was so concerned that I unplugged the unit for the night and am unsure weather to keep it plugged in.  Any recommendations?  I do not want to submit my family to fire risk.

If it was a fire hazard, they wouldn’t be selling it.  One thing I do to keep mine cooler is to stand it up on it’s side.  The bottom plate is what gets warm, and that seems to keep it a little cooler.  Another suggestion is to put it on one of those laptop cooling pads.

I do something similiar. Its on my rack in basement but there are spaces between the bars. So air gets to it quite nicely. Being in the basement its naturally 10+ degrees cooler than rest of house but the direct airflow on the heat plate is good also. I have not noticed mine be the slightest bit uncomfortable to handle…

Appreciate the input ---> PiX64 and snowcat.  Hadn't considered relocating or positioning to alter airflow.

Thanks- love this product

Someone on another thread mentioned their tablo was running at 106 to 107 degrees F.  Paper burns at 451F and wood 250F-ish, so you’ve got some good headroom there. :slight_smile:


I want to update those who may read this…I ended up putting this on a trivet for my own security. The extra airflow really helps. I have to say I am SO happy with the product. I just went on vacation and was able to watch my home news. Here is the trivet I bought for 7 bucks:

Just FYI guys - the Tablo is designed and intended to run warm like a baked potato. But if you want to stick it on an Ikea trivet that’s cool too :) 

@TabloTV - ‘that’s cool too’… Clearly pun intended. LOL.

I’ve been keeping mine vertical. I may stick it in my wii stand at some point if it fits. Running much cooler this way.

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