Does the new 4th generation Tablo make fingernails?

I have read a little about it and I know it does NOT do CS or connect. But, does it make fingernails. This is a deal breaker for me. Thanks, and Cheers

If you own a Tablo already, you likely are not going to purchase this new one. These Tablos are mainly for new users as a stopgap measure for a few years while the ATSC 3.0 Tablos continue to be developed.

And it is called a “thumbnail”. :wink: And yes, those are made soon after recordings are finished, just like in legacy Tablos.

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You mean if my legacy 2-tuner stops working I can’t or shouldn’t buy a gen 4 since they are for new users.

I’ve only used the gen 4 for FAST channels. On Roku recorded FAST movies don’t seem to have thumbnails. Once I find a FAST movie that records properly I’ll try the new release to see if thumbnails magically start working.

Not quite what was said. Obviously, if you don’t have a device, you would make whatever choice you need to make. He was merely pointing out that if you are satisfied with your existing working device, that perhaps purchasing a 4th gen device isn’t going to get you too much value. So, that person might wait until the ATSC 3.0 models come out.

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The OP’s question seemed pretty simple to me. Does the gen 4 support or not support thumbnails. No other value judgement was asked.

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It depends on which line “it is a deal breaker for me” applied. If it only applied to the thumbnail question, then you are right. There just have been people here complaining about lack of CS and remote access being dealbreakers, which is where my post came from.

If you are an existing Tablo owner, a 4th gen purchase is useful for a few scenarios.

  1. Tablo broke
  2. Need to expand number of tuners
  3. Want a dedicated Tablo for kids / parents
  4. You don’t have a lifetime subscription and want to get one cheaply (and don’t care about Tablo connect)
  5. Really want native MPEG2 for sports (I really need to test this more today)

But if you are getting it for faster speeds and more functionality (like you would for a lot of newer gen models of electronics), there are only marginal improvements, plus you have to wait a while for the functionality to approach the current one in legacy units.

Thanks for the great reply. I have the original 4 tuner from 9 or 10 years ago with a full disk of movies without thumbnails and I also bought the new 4 tuner unit a couple of years ago with a 8 GB drive that I record on now. It does a great job of thumbnails and CS usually within 15 to 30 mins on almost all recordings. I was just curious about the new unit. I could not fine any details about thumbnails on it. I will probably just wait to see what happens with the new technology that is being developed now. I sure don’t want go thru the pain of the original unit development again. Cheers, J

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Maybe you want a new toy. As a legacy user you should have gotten an e-mail with a 20% discount. that brings the cost down to $80 with free shipping and no sales tax.

With a built in amplifier, 128GB of flash, and FAST channels it was hard for me to pass up. I had a spare antenna. If I don’t like it I can give it away. But so far I have only used it for FAST channel movies. And on Roku I haven’t seen any thumbnails. So I don’t know if the exist and not working with Roku or they don’t exist.

They exist on my Roku for both ota and FAST channels.

I’m using fash and waiting until the next day to watch. Could they get lost in some archiving process. I’ve only record FAST movies and they almost always have the last minutes chopped. And I’ve checked 4 out of 10 recordings and they weren’t there. I know the upcoming recordings will be made on the current release. I will have to check in a few days after I come around from OD’ing on football…