Does the guide update for last minute changes?

So, does the Tablo Guide updated for situations like when the President comes on TV and a show gets pushed to 3am or runs long by 15 min, etc.

Will it auto update and correct my recordings to match?

The guide will get some updates but none on the day of the airing itself.

Events marked as live (like sports & specials) will get an extra 50% of their run time added to the recording so you’ll never miss the end if it runs long or goes into overtime.

So if its plans events such as a sports event pushing regular aired shows to 3am, then it would follow this changes for new episodes?

No. If a sports game goes longer than scheduled that happens on that day. There won’t be any adjustments for shows that happen afterwards as this happens on the day of airing.

Why does newscast get an extra 5 minutes? Although live, the network news is only a half hour.

Everything gets an extra 5 minutes just in case unless the tuner needs to be used.

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@TabloTV Why not add a manual “extend by 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes” like Tivo has? Do they have a patent on that? There needs to be more flexibility for the user with live and sporting events.


Any changes to the menus in the user interface are difficult to implement, so the Tablo folks have avoided it as much as they can.

They avoid a lot of things as much as they can. :flushed:

@koltasi - This has already been requested but it hasn’t yet bubbled to the top of our to-do list.

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What I used to do with my old DirecTv DVR when something was likely to run over, was to record a show or two after the one I wanted, so I’d be sure to capture the whole thing. Easy to do from the live TV grid, though it would be nice to have the option to extend recording times for shows on an individual basis.


A year later and…

So my team Ohio State played Oklahoma a few weeks back. One of the biggest games of the year. The game had a 2 hour weather delay. I knew in advance, yet there was nothing I could do. So I only had part of the game so I deleted it. #beyondfrustrated

You couldn’t add a manual recording for the later time period?

Probably could but it’s not the point. I’ve honestly never done a manual recording. This is a constant issue with live events and needs to be addressed.

I understand the frustration… live events start late, or end late. I’m thinking of all the times a state of the union or other presidential address ran over, or football games, baseball games, basketball games, hockey, etc., causing the following shows to start late and fall outside the program guide listings. The situation is worse when a program is joined in progress, but there’s not much you can do about that.

This problem isn’t limited to Tablo… TiVo, DirecTV, Dish, Channel Master, etc., even online listings like TitanTV all have the same issue. It would be an undertaking of massive proportions to try to update program guides for every eventuality in real time, and likely isn’t going to happen in the near term. So, most of us recognize that if we want to make sure we capture a show following a live event, we either do a manual recording to allow sufficient time to ensure that it’s recorded, or we record the show or shows following the one we really want. Or, we watch the show online on the network’s web site, or on Hulu, if available. Not an ideal solution, but until someone figures out a way to do program guide updates in real time, we’re stuck with the less than ideal solutions.

Maybe there’s a business opportunity here for someone to figure out how to do program guide updates in real time.

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It’s not just live events. It’s programming scheduled for AFTER live events too. Tablo knows this. And you know it’s not there yet. So missing a game because Tablo hasn’t fixed their programming when you could do something about it doesn’t make sense.

I always have problems with Sunday night shows on CBS, because NFL often runs late. So I have a four hour manual recording set to cover the entire evening programming block.

Ahh. So you have the same problem with 60 Minutes as I do. Do you do this weekly?

Weekly repeating event.

Good to know. Thanks for the info. So I assume you have no cover art or descriptions for your manual recordings right?

Nope. I just have it labeled “CBS Sunday Evening”.