Does Tablo work with CHANNELS DVR? I know HDHOMERUN does but I have and like my Tablo. CHANNELS will allow mixing recordings from OTA and streaming services that support TV Everywhere. It does require a computer and disk.

No. (it does not)

If you are technically inclined you can run the following docker container and feed it into Channels DVR via Custom Channels

The docker container just generates a standard m3u file, which can also be used with Plex, Emby, TVHeadend, Kodi, VLC and many other pieces of software.

If Tablo added a similar endpoint to their firmware, the docker container would not be needed, and a large variety of media center could interface Tablo tuners directly.

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As long as hdhomerun is in business I don’t think that is the market they are targeting.

And while I have Plex I don’t know why I would dump a superior DVR product into an inferior DVR product.