Does Tablo Timeout After a certain time?

I sit and work on my laptop with the computer on, often for hours, and sometimes my Tablo will just pop back onto the Home screen by itself. I want it to stay on my boring channel just because that’s what I like.

is Tablo set to timeout after a while and go back to the Home Screen? Is it a setting I can change?


Are you selecting a channel or a show?

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I have a channel on for a number of hours. So I’m not changing anything, just letting it run.

There is no setting for this. I hadn’t heard of a PC doing this, though it does happen on the Roku (and maybe others) under certain conditions.

Just speculation. We know that when watching live TV, to the tablo it’s technically not much different than recording, it’s saved to the drive during transcoding then streamed to devices.

I’d image there’s a limit on how far back it’ll save, maybe. I don’t recall reading any amount of time, if the advertise one. Perhaps there’s some screwy algorithm as to how many segments their playlist can keep track of as it progress.

Again, just speculation - what do I really know.

I’m watching through the Roku. I guess if it’s recording, and then just leaps to the home screen on the Roku… well, it still seems like it would be just deleting the older information as it records the new? hmm

Alright, I haven’t spent too much time with tablo and live TV… but you cant REV back how far? (or if you pressed pause, for how long) Until you first started watching, 1hr, 2 hrs? So, yea, I would guess if/when it hit it’s limit the old would drop off.

This is just a logical speculation, how “other” DVRs work - but there isn’t any set standard. Maybe tablo doesn’t even save more than several minutes or half hour. I don’t recall reading or any discussion about this. The only support article

Is about as basic as you can get, no specifics at all. Almost out-of-character for tablo support. Just “yup, you can do it.”

And none of this may have anything to do with the issue you’re having.