Does Tablo play nice with Channel Master Stream Plus

I was just wondering if anyone has used Tablo with the Channel Master Stream+ ? Cord Cutters News has a $40 off coupon for this weekend.
I currently have FireTVs (1st & 2nd gen boxes) and have been thinking of trying something different. I am thinking of either a Roku, Nvidia, or the Stream+ (sorry Apple, I’m just not into your products).

Points of contention

  1. Netflix is not available on the Stream+, yet. And I do not subscribe to Amazon Prime.
  2. I have SPMC (Kodi variant) to watch MY Movies on my server, so Roku may be out of the question. Unless I want to take the time to convert to PLEX - not sure I want to do that.
  3. Nvidia shield tv is just as old as my FireTVs. Not sure I want to buy a product towards the end of its life cycle.

So, If you have used tablo with the cm stream+; please chime in and let us know of your experience. Thanks

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What OS runs on the Channel Master Stream+?

There is no Tablo app for the CM Stream+. Well there might be, I just checked and it is an Android TV box so maybe the Tablo Android app will install on it.

You could use the Stream+ separately from the Tablo, but then you’d have 2 DVRs.

I thought it was Android based OS.

Yep. Product page states Certified Android™ TV 7.0 Nougat

See above, I edited my post. You are correct.

Well given CM says “Stream+ is built on Google’s ™ Android TV platform allowing users to add their favorite apps and streaming services from the Google Play™ store.”

BUT the Netflix app isn’t even available on the Stream+, I really doubt the Tablo app would be available.

The best thing to do would be to contact Channel Master directly and ask them if you can install the Tablo app on their device.

Thanks. I just thought I’d give it shot here to see if anyone has used it.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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I have been using the CM Stream+ since early this year. Both the Tablo and Tablo Preview apps work quite well with it. As expected it is better than my previous Android TV device, the Nexus Player. I was part of the first pre-order US$99 shipments. The internal tuners are sub-par, but that doesn’t affect the Tablo experience. There are also a number of other limitations with it as a DVR device.

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Thanks @Dewi. I appreciate your insight.

Let us know if you buy it and what you think of it.

So with your coupon you can get it for $109?

If you aren’t really going to use the tuner(s) since you’ll be using Tablo for that, I’d almost recommend waiting for another sale on the NVIDIA Shield TV. The 16GB one was down to $140 a few days ago and even without having used the Stream+ I can almost guarantee you the Shield TV experience will be better. It’s far and away the best Android TV streaming device.


I understand, I’m just a little worried about the depreciation of the Nvidia shield. It is basically the same age as FireTV gen 1 box. I know Nvidia has done a refresh within the past couple of years. How much longer will the shield be supported?

I was hoping that the FireTV Cube was going to be better than it is. (I don’t want Alexa and other details that I do not like about it)

Maybe I should just wait until Nvidia releases newer version (that is if they do).

I can understand your angle. NVIDIAs support of the Shield TV has been great so I was just saying if you are going to drop that much you might as well go with a proven product for just a bit more.

If you just want to see what’s out there outside the Fire TV ecosystem a Roku stick or a full blown Roku might be worth a shot because in the the Android TV realm the Shield TV is still the clear winner in my opinion.

I ordered the Steam +, couldn’t resist the $40.00 coupon. Although I’m not crazy about the Android TV Platform, I love the (free) integration of DVR and the proven excellence of Channel Master & the products it brings to bear.

For me, it’s more of a novelty / experiment, definitely worth the $109 (plus shipping). The lack of Netflix means nothing (to me) and I’ve got Fire TV Box / Dongle for Prime. Who knows, it may turn out to be something more, once I’ve had it on the rack for a few weeks.

I would view this as more of an “In-Addition-To” than a replacement for Tablo. And (speaking only for myself), the ability to record a few more programs simultaneously, than if I were relying on Tablo alone. Unlike the Tablo, of course, it is a “box” as well as an OTA DVR, so you can load it up with IPTV resources, KODI, etc. Have fun with it, let us know your thoughts, once you’ve had it online for a few weeks. I’ll do the same.

I don’t use Netflix, but some have sideloaded an older Netflix apk successfully on the Stream+ that reportedly works. Also, there’s a way of using it with an HDHomerun DVR subscription that allows it to function as an engine/server. The AVS forum has a long thread detailing the product’s limitations and workarounds for those willing to tinker.

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Fantastic, fantastic. It looks and functions beautifully. The Tablo app Interface is a tiny bit different, deeper blues, with a guide similar to that of the Fire TV Preview app.

Maybe you should check bestbuy this week.

Get yourself another airtv player (plus $50 slingtv discount) for $80.

The hdhomerun duo plus gen 2 fire tv stick for $80 may still be available.

More junk for your closet.

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