Does Tablo need modem connection?


I recently relocated and my apartment has a bit of a different setup. My internet modem needs to be in a certain area to connect to the apartment’s security controls. Of course this is in a closet in the back of the apartment and the Tablo/hard drive combo won’t fit and neither will the antenna. I have a second router but I know those need to be connected to a modem. Is there a modem/router I can use that will piggyback off of my current internet service that I can hook up to the Tablo? Or any ideas on what I can do to make use of my antenna and Tablo?


I assume you mean a cable modem and not an old school modem. Or what brand/type of cable modem you have. And you didn’t describe whether the output of the modem is a single line into your apartment or somewhere before you apartment passes through a switch for multiple lines into your apartment.

But usually you connect the output of your second router to the input of your cable modem. The second router is configured as a bridge. Many routers detect a router behind a router configuration and auto-configure in bridge mode.

Or it could be as simple as adding a multi-port switch to an existing line in the apartment and hooking your devices off of it.

Hi zippy,

Thanks for the response. I’m obviously not tech savvy, but I’ll do my best as I was not very clear the first go round. I cannot use the cable modem because it is far from where I want/need to hook up my antenna and tablo. So I’m trying to see if there’s a way to use the netgear router I have without having to pay for a second modem from the cable company. Or without having to run wires all throughout the house. Hopefully that makes more sense.

You can connect your Tablo to your router / modem via the wireless network on your router. Not ideal, but it has worked for some with a good router that provides strong WiFi signal.

Thanks! I completely forgot about that option. Got it connected…definitely not as good, but it’s better than nothing!

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